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Karrogan to Mouz
Argentina RommelLP095 
2019-02-08 01:16
United States darth_mac 
2019-02-08 01:19
Brazil user2740 
i think he going to envy
2019-02-08 01:24
he goes to astralis and liquid playing for both at the same time when they meet each other in the grand finals, they forfeit 1x time astralis, next time liquid so we have half trophies for astralis and half to liquid new era for astraliquid with 2 teams but same igl
2019-02-08 01:28
wake up karrigan, u shit ur self
2019-02-08 01:31
United States skroobdoober 
He said no in the replies to his tweet announcing his departure, but who knows
2019-02-08 01:29
Davidp | 
Sweden meistr0 
lol.. Do you think he would announce it before Mouz announce anything? lol. Think mate.
2019-02-08 01:30
Hong Kong GGA^ 
karrigan and HUNDEN to team up to create super team under Godsent karrigan HUNDEN friis Pimp glace
2019-02-08 01:30
Fucking hell thats a bad team jesus
2019-02-08 01:31
Hong Kong GGA^ 
agreed, needs a coach +fetish as coach then ez top 10
2019-02-08 01:33
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