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Bad wallers
tarik | 
Some wallers are so bad 1v1 15-14, train, im heaven and the ct is coming for bomn He shoots the thing with scouts and takes me to 1 hp. I run out and 1 tap him. Rip xheater
2019-02-08 02:45
Sri Lanka the_hitman 
Nice when’s the VAC ban for you nub
2019-02-08 02:46
lol nice bro
2019-02-08 02:47
France TheArchitect 
Once one was wallbanging me hard from Cache A on-site to squeeky door every round, but with obvious wh, never missing a shot and never doing it randomly. He got VAC live at 13-10. We won 13-16. His premade mates were angry at him as they didn't know he was hacking
2019-02-08 02:49
Wow xdd
2019-02-08 21:20
I just checked and the guy got VAC'd. My teammate was saying hes hacking (me) the whole gamebhc I hit a nut deagle shot while jumping
2019-02-08 21:23
France TheArchitect 
Well, justice !
2019-02-08 22:10
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