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Windows 10 not booting.
Portugal NabasKi 
I changed the sata mode in BIOS from from RST with Optane to Ahci (the Intel rapid tricked me into "merging" my hdd with my ssd and then I couldn't access my hdd), but it only would show me a BSOD. I tried changing back to RST with Optane but now it doesn't boot with either of the sata modes.. I don't have any backups whatsoever I can't really TL:DR this, sorry guys n gals :/
2019-02-09 01:36
Portugal NabasKi 
It always sends me to a menu that appears after a keyboard language selection menu
2019-02-09 01:37
Norway bruhfessor 
could try Freenode (irc) webchat channel #windows. they have a lot of hardcore nerds
2019-02-10 21:34
Buy some new boots. I think the one you are using aren't working anymore.
2019-02-09 01:45
Portugal NabasKi 
if you aren't going to help at least make sure the music you're sending is good...
2019-02-09 01:54
Windows 10 lol Get windows 7 from piratebay
2019-02-09 01:56
Portugal NabasKi 
I want to know if there's a solution for this other than installing windows again (and windows 10 is better than the 7 by the way)
2019-02-09 01:57
Judging by your thread w10 is a piece of shit
2019-02-09 01:59
Portugal NabasKi 
I'm more of a piece of shit than the OS, don't blame it for my careless moves lol
2019-02-09 02:14
I wish I could go back to win7 but newer motherboards do not support it
2019-02-10 15:22
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
I would buy a new SSD and do a fresh install of Windows. I'm telling you from experience of trying to boot my Windows 7 for a month, its not worth it.
2019-02-09 01:56
Portugal NabasKi 
forgot to mention that it's a laptop
2019-02-09 01:58
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
yes I have a laptop as well. For me what happened was I think some part of hard drive was damaged. I tried changing like the values in some config within Windows and many other things which I forgot. I googled every Windows seven forums solution and others just so I can to save my HDD. It work for awhile but few weeks after that it just loaded the welcome screen and I cant move the mouse cursor nor type anything. In the end I bought a fresh set of HDD(totally clueless about SDD at this point lol) and was happy with the outcome. I just make external disk out of the old HDD.
2019-02-09 02:02
Did you fix it back with startup repair?
2019-02-10 14:21
Portugal NabasKi 
no, startup repair didn't do anything. I alredy installed a new windows 10 but something weird happened: I plugged the hdd in and it has the same files the ssd had before formatting it, and it says the hdd has 128gb of free space (but I assume it's because of the active partition so I'm cool) I've been talking to some people who helped me out with the issues I had, now I only need to download stuff such as drivers I think
2019-02-10 15:08
yeah you actually need to make like a system recovery point before you hit the problem. If you don't have it then you are going to have a big problem. Idk if its still a thing in Windows 10, you should look into it just in case(if you have the same problem again so you dont need to reinstall windows). That's weird tho! Thanks for sharing
2019-02-10 15:10
Switch it back and boot from a USB with windows 10 and run startup repair. It can probably fix it. There might be a recovery partition for Windows 10. Try tapping F8 just when bios finishes it's post mode. Google for more info or screenshots. Good luck.
2019-02-09 02:03
Portugal NabasKi 
oh, so that's how I go to post.. couldn't find that info anywhere smh will try that tomorrow, thanks
2019-02-09 02:12
You dont need USB with windows 10, just boot on secure mode I have a Acer laptop and his secure boot is pressing on button with END button pressed. Just google the safe boot of your laptop and use repair maintening your HD information Source: Had similar problem 7 days ago
2019-02-10 15:18
Sweden AlexJonesVEVO 
i had fucked up bootcamp on my surface pro 3 windows tablet, downloaded recovery image of windows 8 on my pc, booted surface from usb, installed windows 8 and fixed bootcamp, downloaded windows 10 recovery image (i had to have working os for windows 10 recovery image to work for some reason) and recovered it successfully ez pz
2019-02-10 15:30
works fine also but sometimes its too much for an easy problem
2019-02-10 20:06
Argentina GREATfr 
W10 is shit, install w7
2019-02-09 02:13
Portugal NabasKi 
Not really. But please elaborate And once again, the problem's roots are in the disks and the bios, not in the OS itself
2019-02-09 02:20
Switzerland meme_jesus 
2019-02-10 15:34
Argentina GREATfr 
Nt bill
2019-02-10 21:29
shox | 
World finedenim 
not enuf info
2019-02-10 20:10
ACHI/IDE/RAID/Rapid Mode are different controllers. When you install windows you can't change that anymore from BIOS and you'll get BSOD. If you installed windows with ACHI controller, change it back to it and it will work
2019-02-10 21:36
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