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Honest Thoughts on G2
United Kingdom Londonistan 
Please try to set aside as much bias as possible. How far do you see G2 going in this Major? Do you consider them a weak/so-so/strong team right now?
2019-02-09 13:00
2019-02-09 13:01
2019-02-09 13:01
They'll win at least one game
2019-02-09 13:01
You don't seem to think very highly of them :/
2019-02-09 13:01
who in their right mind would? have you seen them plying for the past 6 months?
2019-02-09 14:31
Europe god_of_hltv 
Might make it out of Challengers Stage but surely they’ll fail at legends stage
2019-02-09 13:02
fair assessment
2019-02-09 13:03
cadiaN | 
Singapore Kerk 
Makes sense
2019-02-09 13:18
Greenland HLTV_LGBT 
They don't have the motivation to win much... Wouldn't be surprised if they go out 0-3 but it's likely they snatch a few wins.
2019-02-09 13:05
They are weak af, but if their star players step up they can take away some games, don't see them going through tho Also I think thay they're getting pay WAY TOO MUCH for how crap they're, I meant, they aren't even the 2nd best french team rn, also it shouldn't be that difficult to be the 2nd best team rn, cuz 3d and vitality aren't thaat good too
2019-02-09 13:10
shox | 
Latvia archmonsta 
2019-02-09 13:16
France LanaRhoades 
Vitality isn't that good ? NT HR beat BIG 2-1 and vitality beat HR 2-0 EZ BIG beat g2 2-0 EZ So Vitality > HR > BIG > G2 BUT The capacities of g2 are way higher that what you think.
2019-02-09 13:36
G2 beat vitality and HR too but I cant say that it would be the same now cos they had Happy back then. But g2 beat HR with Hobbit alr in the team even with smithzz and ex6 lmao. I think its Vitality=Big>G2>HR
2019-02-09 14:07
France LanaRhoades 
I'm only telling my thoughts on what i saw with the 2 new lineups and recently , but this is surely not the true level of g2 , it was online and their first officials matches
2019-02-09 14:12
Yea i agree, we will now see them on lan now. Tbf if Big and G2 were playing on lan it might have been different. Because ONLINETARES>>>LANTARES
2019-02-09 14:22
3-0 on the first stage
2019-02-09 13:17
Im their fan and even I think thats like impossible lmao maybe 3-1 or 3-2 and through to the grp stage
2019-02-09 13:38
I think they will, out of brazil they are my favorite team
2019-02-09 13:39
eventually lose 2-3
2019-02-09 13:20
Israel TimeDani 
If Kenny’s and lucky and shox pop heads especially Kenny’s then they’ll maybe and I mean maybe make it to legends
2019-02-09 13:20
Tbh they aren't as weak as people rate them to be. I expect them to go through at least to the challengers stage but from there it depends on which team they face in the grp stage. The Sidney qualifier was a good showing of their capabilities and I must say they arent that bad. Up until the finals they were doing good until Xantares came and really destroyed them. Like there was no chance of stopping him. G2 was not even bad that game and managed to lose with respectable scorelines. However in terms of firepower i think they might be able to improve if they added amaNek who is available right now and could get him after the major. In terms of weakest link bodyy and lucky werent that good but I have a feeling bodyy would probably get kicked if he doesnt do well at the major.
2019-02-09 13:32
France LanaRhoades 
A question mark , because the match vs BIG wasn't representative to their true level i think , idk we'll see at major
2019-02-09 13:34
Exactly. Xantares was outright just a beast that game. I couldn't imagine how frustrated kenny and shox must've been lol cos they suddenly clicked and tried to carry the rest of the team.
2019-02-09 13:43
frozen | 
Czech Republic Theft90 
I personally see them going 2-3 or so in the first stage of the major.
2019-02-09 13:39
I see them putting on yellow vests and rioting in France. This is not a paid advertisement for the yellow vest maker.
2019-02-09 13:39
They'll get through the challengers stage but not any further than that
2019-02-09 13:41
Switzerland iliketurtels 
I think they will go 3-2 in the first stage but in the next stage they have no chance going 1-3
2019-02-09 13:41
kennyS | 
India ilu961 
I have been following g2 since the creation of the superteam. This team has the potential to be top 5 everytime.Just few things that concerna me- 1) Lucky is not performing up to his mark. He was very good in 3d Max. But here he is very inconsistent. 2)One thing I don't understand that during the first game against optic on dust2, there was so much of teamplay like flashes for each other, perfect execution but against big there was not any such things.I don't really know why they don't execute properly?? G2 will easily advance to the next stage. But to advance to quarter finals they need to bring on their A game.
2019-02-09 13:44
Hungary raffai 
Major Win
2019-02-09 14:26
not biased at all
2019-02-10 10:40
Maybe get out of Challengers stage. They are weird as fuck, lose their map picks all the time but win the enemies map pick. Can smash a team one day and lose the next. It's like they don't know what they're good at or how they want to play.
2019-02-09 14:31
Weak-so so. They appear to lack chemistry and the ability to play off one another a quality that can make up for fluctuations in individual performance. Teams like astralis play off each other super well with instant decisions by players (not from their igl)
2019-02-09 14:43
Singapore Blloopy 
Being a G2 fan, I will say so-so. The Sydney online qualifier didn’t really show their true potential, and they were doing fine besides the little hiccup against 3DMAX, until Xantares showed up and using his onliner skills to rekt them. They should be fine in the Challengers stage, the Legend stage is the one that decides whether G2 is good or not.
2019-02-10 11:55
fair enough
2019-02-10 11:56
They will win, how is that even a question
2019-02-10 12:00
checks flair checks flag hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2019-02-10 13:42
2-3 at max if kennys and shox will show performance
2019-02-10 13:44
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