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Razer Deathadder
ScreaM | 
Latvia !DEIMOS 
I am looking for a new mouse currently, but have no knowledge with any of the mice now. Is that a good one for the price? Any other suggestions?
2019-02-09 13:29
zowie s2 dm1 fps logitech g305 cheap alternative: logitech g102/203 (same mouse, different name, basically g305 with cable)
2019-02-09 13:33
Good mice but left button always die quickly, Razers quality is very bad right now comparing to 2010-12
2019-02-09 13:35
ScreaM | 
Latvia !DEIMOS 
i have an logitech mouse.. it held for 10 years :D
2019-02-09 14:53
??? what are you doing with your mouse? punching it? slamming it to the wall?
2019-02-09 15:35
Idk, I dont mash them or stuff like that. Its always like in this video or even without 'click' sound
2019-02-09 16:59
Indonesia Volt_OW 
I have the opposite experience, any razer product I bought after 2016 has had literally 0 issues.
2019-02-16 01:43
Just buy one from 2010s then xD
2019-02-16 01:49
Where xD
2019-02-16 08:04
Find a 3.5g or something, these are actually pretty good and the sensor difference is minor compared to them and the newer ones.
2019-02-16 13:47
Russia anime_is_gay 
ec2-a timeless classic
2019-02-09 13:36
Aleksib | 
Finland xore1 
Good for medium hands It was good for me but my hand has grown so too small
2019-02-09 15:39
Other WorldIsAFuck 
i have a deathadder 2013 tournament that has held for over 3.5 years and still going strong
2019-02-09 13:37
Israel wetz 
Overall it's a good mouse for a very good price
2019-02-09 13:37
Big hand pick Razer Deathadder. Imo, one of the best mices out there.
2019-02-09 13:37
nice london m8
2019-02-09 15:02
I was kind of scared when writing it, but didn't bother to look it up, So I was, fuck it, I write mices, which I know is wrong.
2019-02-09 15:05
Panama xemzex 
You wanna talk about those scars?
2019-02-09 15:04
2019-02-09 15:05
Switzerland sovereiign 
Ignore the trolls, your English is as good as most native speakers these days ;)
2019-02-16 08:24
Latvia hahalmaoxd 
depends how big homie deathadder is too small
2019-02-09 19:01
Twistzz | 
Lithuania Sheikl 
I have 2015 model and it is still doing good.
2019-02-09 13:37
I had a razer dearhadder they pretty good but it was kinda big for my hand Noq i have de zowie ec2 a and is better smaller and i feel it more precise
2019-02-09 14:59
ScreaM | 
Latvia !DEIMOS 
that's why i wanna know something about the DeathAdder. I got big hands :D
2019-02-09 15:09
I got the ec2a is the small version But the ec2b is same size as deathadder and its better
2019-02-09 15:33
ec2a and ec2b are the same size
2019-02-09 19:07 So why they would make 2 models if they the same size? Hater
2019-02-09 21:12
ec1a is bigger than ec2a, ec1b is bigger then ec2b. ec2a = ec2b, ec1a = ec1b. the b version is the newer w a better sensor and smaller mouse skates, also the b version has its divina version
2019-02-09 21:15
Good enough, zowie is overrated maybe?
2019-02-09 15:07
Aleksib | 
Finland xore1 
Zowie underrated
2019-02-09 15:39
elite best mouse
2019-02-09 15:11
I have the deathadder elite but prefer the Logitech g403
2019-02-09 15:14
NiKo | 
India se7eNNN 
I have both Logitech g403 and Razer DA Elite but I feel that build quality and sensor of logitech is better Get the g403 if u can
2019-02-09 15:14
MS Intelli 3.0 Pro ( 3389 sensor ) Logitech G MX518 Legendary ( HERO Sensor )
2019-02-09 15:17
Kazakhstan flywarlock 
logitech g703(wireless) best mouse ever i use such a juicy sencor but price is high)) around 150$(in Kazakhstan)
2019-02-09 15:17
i have razer deathadder chroma since its release date ( late 2014 ), no problems
2019-02-09 15:20
Germany pr9ud 
I had the ec2-a for a long time, if your hands are big try the ec1-b or 2b. Currently i am using the Zowie ZA13. The mouse is great though the mousewheel sucks ass. The last Razer i used, was the good old diamondback back in 2004 :D
2019-02-09 15:25
Italy Enrico_Fermi 
logitech g403
2019-02-09 15:35
Ive had ec2-a for a couple months and scroll is already broken.
2019-02-09 15:35
Aleksib | 
Finland xore1 
Dont break it
2019-02-09 15:40
f0rest | 
Brazil d4vid20 
No, pick the Deathadder. Best mice evah
2019-02-09 16:31
Have the deathadder for 3 years now and it's the best mouse I've ever had. btw I have huge hands so it fits perfect
2019-02-09 17:03
Deathadder is a really solid mouse if you don't mind the Razer Synapse thing. I personally would also highly recommend Zowie EC2-A, FK2, ZA13, and logitech g403.
2019-02-09 17:08 done it with DeathAdder good sensor but imo not the best shape, still i recommend it
2019-02-09 17:08
I do flicks like that 1000x daily with my deathadder lol
2019-02-09 17:27
show me one then
2019-02-09 17:39
ropz | 
Canada Wormyyy 
I suggest going to you will find incredibly helpful people there
2019-02-09 17:09
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
Bro, i am using razer since like 2k5/6, it was death adder guild wars edition, then abyssus, then death adder 3.5G and there is always smthn wrong with razer mouses. Do not recommend at all, i did switch to logitech g302 and that's the best mouse i ever used in my entire life.
2019-02-09 17:19
NBK- | 
Estonia BlameS 
Don't get a deathadder, my chroma died within 1.5 years (middle mouse button died in a year, left click 1.5 years) and the chroma elite is not better, its heavier and the palm design is a little different too, my hand hurts after having to grip it for over an hour straigth.
2019-02-09 17:28
why are you slamming your mouse? i had death adder original for 10 years almost and only problem was scroll starting to get bad. had chroma for 5 years now and 0 problems so far.
2019-02-09 18:58
these people who complain about their epic gaming mice having problems, they keep slamming them and then tell people not to buy his epic gaming mice which is now broken. i arent get this wtf
2019-02-09 19:01
i dont get it how people break their gaming gear. my keyboard lasted so long and i fucking had to spilk soda over it THREE times for it to die. headset never break and mouse lasts 10 years+.
2019-02-09 19:03
Zowie Fk1?
2019-02-09 21:14
Zowie EC2 Roccat kome AIMO if you like big and heavy mice with rgb
2019-02-09 21:15
Europe atr3p 
Deathadder is a pretty good mouse, my only problem with it is the surface, kinda hard to grip, but sensor/performance wise very good.
2019-02-15 23:35
I've been using a newer DA version w/o side buttons for a while, no complaints so far expect that the DPI would change itself repeatedly upon entering CS but that's fixed now. It turned out to be a surface problem, just washed my mousepad. Other than that, I have nothing but praise for it. If you consider your hand to be on the bigger side, go for it.
2019-02-16 01:51
I've been using a newer DA version w/o side buttons for a while, no complaints so far expect that the DPI would change itself repeatedly upon entering CS but that's fixed now. It turned out to be a surface problem, just washed my mousepad. Other than that, I have nothing but praise for it. If you consider your hand to be on the bigger side, go for it.
2019-02-16 01:51
Europe SadPuppet 
razer will die 1 week after warranty end
2019-02-16 08:31
Buy logitech. Have had 3 razors and they have all broke after a year or so. Never again. Logitech FTW
2019-02-16 14:02
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