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Do you beleive to Zywoo?
Russia tonysh3 
Do you remember that FPL clip on cache from device stream, when zywoo prefired guy before he pick and start acting strange? What was that?
2019-02-09 17:56
s1mple | 
Romania shiftzz 
2019-02-09 17:58
Lithuania andy_ 
the fuck lmao he's not cheating though
2019-02-09 18:03
2019-02-09 19:17
s1mple | 
Romania shiftzz 
lmao he switched to knife when he peeked and thats why he did that weird thing looking to wall and shit, it happened to everyone :P
2019-02-09 19:20
Yep it’s actually a casual situation I have no idea why people say it’s fishy
2019-02-11 06:00
Brazil Hozuky 
2019-02-09 17:59
wong one
2019-02-09 18:01
right one ty
2019-02-09 18:08
Your opinion?
2019-02-09 18:25
I'd say it's probably a misclick followed by a mousewheel bug where he switched weapons accidentally(if he has weapon switch bound on mousewheel, I had that bug happen as well). But it does look shady as fuck
2019-02-09 18:50
Nah man, he fucked up 1.he spray 2.switch weapons, looks like he want to drop them lol 3.look above himself and shaking mouse in panick 4. Panick movements after witj thay flash
2019-02-09 18:54
1. This one can happen sometimes, although not often 2. I explained how I think the weapon switch happened 3. looking above is sometimes just a sign of frustration because he accidentally switched weapons 4. I mean he is under a lot of pressure, everyone is watching him, maybe he was ashamed and panicked. You probably had that too when you were in a clutch and fucked up and panicked a little bit. So yeah, I have an explanation for it all, but i give you that, it is highly unlikely that all these coincidences happened at once. I certainly don't condemn anybody that thinks its bullshit
2019-02-09 19:00
I understand your point of view, but i never heard that pro players used mouse wheel for changing weapons,bcs of mousebug
2019-02-09 23:36
so legiiiiit EZFORZYWOO
2019-02-09 18:03
Brazil fuNNa 
Hes word user
2019-02-09 18:05
Yeah i dont see anybody acts weird Maybe subroza only
2019-02-09 18:12
k0nfig | 
Denmark QDouble 
lol he is %100 cheating
2019-02-09 18:13
Subroza too, still active in t3 scene
2019-02-09 18:18
United States Jammin800k 
100% Lmfao only an idiot would guarantee something he cant prove
2019-02-09 18:53
only an idiot would believe you cant be sure someone cheats when he prefires a guy too early because he was too lazy to pay attention, aims up into the sky because he knows he fucked p and everyone spectating in game knows he cheats now 100%, panic sprays and misses everything, and then inspects his weapon. its called fucking deduction, sherlock, you should try it.
2019-02-09 19:10
only an idiot would guarantee something he cant prove
2019-02-09 19:11
only an idiot or a genius, time will tell who's who.
2019-02-09 19:12
even if he was cheating youd still be an idiot if you went around saying he is '100 % cheating '
2019-02-09 19:12
not if i am right
2019-02-09 19:12
but you can't prove it.
2019-02-09 19:13
the fuck do i care about proving shit to people who are too stupid to see whats in front of them
2019-02-09 19:14
innocent until proven guilty
2019-02-09 19:16
that was made up so that the government couldnt trump up charges to throw people in jail, its not relevant for discussing whether someone cheats or not. if you or i decide someone cheats, no one gets punished or put in jail.
2019-02-09 19:16
it applies here though, you cant just ban him for having fishy clips
2019-02-09 19:18
no one ever said that. what people say is that are so many fishy clips of a certain group of players that that warrants better anti cheat measures on lan than we currently get.
2019-02-09 19:19
if it only costs 100.000 euro to make a lan safe cheat that can win you a 1M prize pool and get it on tournament pcs by whatever means, then its profitable to cheat.
2019-02-09 19:21
if most of the community believes someone cheats at most there could be an actual investigation by valve or tournament organizers in which they will assume he is innocent if they dont find anything. so by saying innocent until proven guilty all you really do is take away a chance for potential cheating players to get caught.
2019-02-09 19:18
i tried for pretty long on this website to explain it to some people, like look in slowmotion how his crosshair moves, that shit aint legit. but if ppl dont wanna see it they dont see it.
2019-02-09 19:15
the clip that did it for me with zywoo was the one on dust2 where he locks to the guys head through B site wall btw
2019-02-09 19:14
United States Jammin800k 
Well none of that wall of text pertains to me because I never guaranteed that he wasnt cheating, I guaranteed that there is no evidence that he is cheating aside from speculation and coincidence.
2019-02-09 22:09
over the past few years, tournaments have stopped uploading pov demos on hltv, there have been 0 improvements in anti cheat measures on lan as far as i have seen, and prize pools have gone through the roof. it is currently viable and profitable to cheat at the highest level and no one is getting caught except tier 5 indian players who are too poor to afford private cheats. i remember how a couple years ago occasionally a few players would get banned. french players like kqly, area, etc. how long has it been since a high tier player was banned? thats all the evidence you need to be able to draw your own conclusions about the integrity of this scene.
2019-02-10 11:23
all the people who could find actual evidence have a financial interest to look the other way. plausible deniability i think you call this in the USA.
2019-02-10 11:24
this whole attitude of "you cant accuse anyone without having completely 100% iron clad proof he is 100% cheating" just means that these assholes will get to press mouse4 to win serious amounts of money for several more years until they really have killed the game. this is to the detriment of all the legitimate players who cant compete anywhere vs fucking obvious aimbot. just look how many cheaters there are at every level of competition. low rank mm, high rank mm, faceit at every level. you cant possibly maintain that there are no cheating pro players and claim to be a rational person.
2019-02-10 11:28
United States Jammin800k 
The actual percentage of cheaters is very low at high elo/high trust factor maybe 5% of games will have a cheater and that's with very little anti cheat prevention just a VAC or (insert clients name) AC. That's not with steam and internet access denied computers and admins inspecting all players while they set up.
2019-02-11 05:59
United States stephcurry30 
u deduce that he's 100% cheating yet u have no proof? quite the paradox we have here, perhaps try reframing your statement to be more logical
2019-02-11 06:16
go ask vitality and tournament orgs and valve for proof lol im just the guy on the street shouting "the end is nigh"
2019-02-11 17:52
it's ok, his brother has installed cheats while zywoo wasn't looking
2019-02-09 18:15
France LanaRhoades 
Wtf it's not even fishy , flusha did wayyy more fishy things. So he prefired or missclick , saw that a guy game after , got surprised , panic and shake his mouse
2019-02-09 18:57
or fpl is just full of blatant cheaters just in that game, davidp, nukkye, victor, zywoo, device
2019-02-09 19:05
France LanaRhoades 
No one is cheating
2019-02-09 19:07
lol bro save it for ppl who you have a chance with
2019-02-09 19:07
Other khorkalba 
Shox and NiKo still have BY FAR the most suspicious clips in the history of CS:GO. But it's more fun to reinforce the Flusha cheating meme.
2019-02-09 19:10
France LanaRhoades 
Flair checks out. Didn't saw any niko or shox suspicious clips. Flusha cheating isn't a meme , it's a question mark
2019-02-09 20:41
Other khorkalba That last one was uploaded by a guy who makes cheats for a living, so he's more informed than most. But yeah, keep pretending Flusha is the only pro player with suspcious clips...
2019-02-09 21:05
koin made his first proverwatch video about flusha, moron. go spew bullshit somewhere else you dirty fanboy
2019-02-10 11:30
Other khorkalba 
I never said that Flusha doesn't have suspicious clips. I was just pointing out that he isn't the only one, and that he doesn't even have the most suspcious ones in my opinion. The thing I find most hilarious about the Flusha accusations is that nobody ever talks about Olof potentially being a cheater too. This guy's form dropped off a fucking cliff due to a mysterious hand injury and never really came back.
2019-02-10 15:46
Israel aequus 
2019-02-09 18:58
Europe pencilvester 
Mouse bug 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
2019-02-09 18:58
2019-02-09 19:02
Europe pencilvester 
Unexpected from german
2019-02-09 19:14
2019-02-09 19:15
Sweden Trkmag 
Yeah it was obv cheat
2019-02-09 19:03
Ukraine Najara 
All French are cheaters Area, KQLY etc
2019-02-09 19:03
Norway tobroe 
hard to know
2019-02-09 19:08
2019-02-09 19:10
yes he is fishy indeed
2019-02-09 19:14
yes i believe zywoo is cheating
2019-02-09 20:52
Canada top_zozzle 
Do you beleive to Zywoo?
2019-02-09 20:54
I don’t think he‘s cheating. Not that it would be impossible, I just don’t think he is. Even a scrub like me has had some fishy clips that made no sense, but if anyone watched me play they would know I‘m not cheating, I‘m not nearly good enough.
2019-02-09 20:59
Do you prefire uncommon angles on random timings in 1v1 and act like monkey after
2019-02-09 23:39
Brazil hugoooo 
So now he's a cheater?!? Every single super skilled guy that appears on the scene is always called cheater/onliner... why!? Your mall brain can't understand that there are some people that ARE THAT GOOD? ffs, the guy carries Vitality as hard as s1mple carried every team he ever played, he's legit. Same for XANTARES, he's a monster and now on BIG he will have plenty of lans to show it for the haters.
2019-02-10 00:10
BECAUSE THEY ARE BLATANTLY AIMBOTTING AND LOCKING TO HEADS THROUGH WALLS french teams aimbot german teams aimbot danish teams aimbot swedish teams aimbot polish teams aimbot NA teams aimbot brazilian teams aimbot when all top teams are already aimbotting, the ony way to get on a good team is to aimbot even more than the current players on that team. so every up and coming guy, stewie2k, ropz, zywoo, they cannot be legit. else they wouldnt get hired to replace blatant aimbotters. simple is the most blatantly aimbotting kiddo in the scene in 2018 btw. worse than coldzera
2019-02-10 11:33
autist | 
France edrissM 
I believe in allah
2019-02-10 11:26
I don’t think he is cheating the clip is fishy tho
2019-02-11 06:04
He probably missclicked and switched to his knife by an accident which led to a terrible timing with a T peaking him with a knife so he just raised his mouse in frustration cuz he gave out his position and missed a chance in which he can kill the T and win the round... Ez debunk
2019-02-11 06:27
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