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Need help about PC parts.
Europe Kick__olofmeister_FFS 
Hello i would like to upgrade some stuff on my PC so i can play games with a little bit more FPS games such as CS GO PUBG Apex Fortnite etc. What i currently have: Processor: Intel Pentium CPU G3260 @ 3.30GHz 3.30GHz Graphics card: AMD R7 200 series RAM: Kingston 8GB DDR3 Motherboard: Asustek H81M-R I need Graphics card and CPU that can go on this motherboard or i can add motherboard that's not really expensive cuz i don't have a lot of money to spend on this upgrade. Any suggestions
2019-02-10 04:10
2019-02-10 04:14
Simple | 
Mexico OOF_GUY 
2019-02-10 04:14
like around 200$? I would buy used ones not new cant afford xD
2019-02-10 04:15
Guys come on i need help...
2019-02-10 04:18
Pakistan ItsfuckingRAW 
Buy a used i5-4460 (Or any 4th Gen i5/i7 you find) & GTX970/RX480/RX570/1060/780 etc you get the memo /closed
2019-02-10 04:24
Would my motherboard and power be able to support that?
2019-02-10 04:23
Pakistan ItsfuckingRAW 
Your motherboard supports the CPU, which is why I said it in the first place (I used to own that same i5 myself, was a beast). As for power I have no idea, what PSU do you have?
2019-02-10 04:24
im not really that smart when it comes to PC's whats PSU and how can i check which one is it?
2019-02-10 04:26
Try to get a decent used mobo cpu combo for like 120$ and for 80$ a used gpu. For 200$ you can't get any decent new I would suggest something like i5 3570 and a motherboard or something newer 4690k and z97 h97 what ever. For gpu something like r9 280/280x/380/380x or something on the nvidia counterpart
2019-02-10 04:24
i found as rock H55M 1156 motherboard with i5 750 for 80$ is that alright?
2019-02-10 04:29
No it's a way too old generation, go for i5 3k 4k maybe 2k generation
2019-02-10 05:06
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