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I7-9700k overclocking
Sweden godofcsgo 
Is Dark Rock Pro 4 cpu cooler enough to overclock i7-9700k?
2019-02-10 17:22
2019-02-10 17:23
should be fine
2019-02-10 17:24
Germany Kaidixdeh 
Of course. It is one of the best air coolers out there and also very silent.
2019-02-10 17:25
And what motherboard should i take ?
2019-02-10 17:50
Slovakia Zamzows 
Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming 6.
2019-02-10 17:54
SPUdZ | 
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
gigabyte z390 gaming best vrms in that price range
2019-02-10 17:56
rain | 
Norway eirik2nd 
ASUS Z390-F then you get AI overclocking too! Way better than the other boards, im currently running my i5 9600k w/ fractal design s36 @5GHz without problems
2019-02-10 17:58
what is AI overclocking
2019-02-10 18:02
rain | 
Norway eirik2nd 
The motherboard can grade your cooling solutions, your CPU Silicon, etc and get a perfect overclock that can also adapt to what you're doing on your pc, if you're like just watching youtube or if you're gaming. This way you dont have to stress about getting a good OC by your self, you just let the motherboard to the job for you ;P Works wonders
2019-02-10 18:05
Australia Moonayyy 
Get a ASUS Z390
2019-02-14 04:10
SPUdZ | 
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
2019-02-10 17:55
Finland dev2ce 
Yes, it's a great cooler.
2019-02-10 17:59
Dont get a cheap z390. It needs descent vrm to push the 8 cores to their limit
2019-02-14 20:04
do you think an ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F would suffice? edit: an
2019-02-14 20:08
i think its ok
2019-02-14 20:09
Finland Jodecast 
ASUS Z390 is great, does the oc for you
2019-02-14 20:06
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