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major simulations
FalleN | 
Brazil arenovisk 
got bored at night and wrote this fnatic vs. ViCi NRG vs. Winstrike Cloud9 vs. Grayhound NiP vs. FURIA ENCE vs. Spirit Vitality vs. TYLOO G2 vs. Vega Squadron AVANGAR vs. Renegades 1-0 fnatic NRG Cloud9 NiP ENCE Vitality G2 Avangar 0-1 ViCi Winstrike Grayhound FURIA Spirit Tyloo Vega Squadron Renegades fnatic vs. AVANGAR NRG vs. G2 Cloud9 vs. Vitality NiP vs. ENCE ViCi vs. Renegades Winstrike vs. Vega Squadron Grayhound vs. Tyloo FURIA vs. Spirit 2-0 fnatic NRG Cloud9 ENCE 1-1 AVANGAR G2 Vitality NiP Renegades Vega Squadron Tyloo FURIA 0-2 ViCi Winstrike Grayhound Spirit fnatic vs. ENCE NRG vs. Cloud9 AVANGAR vs. FURIA G2 vs. Tyloo Vitality vs. Vega Squadron NiP vs. Renegades ViCi vs. Spirit Winstrike vs. Grayhound 3-0 fnatic Cloud9 2-1 ENCE NRG AVANGAR G2 Vitality NIP 1-2 FURIA Tyloo Vega Squadron Renegades Spirit Winstrike 0-3 ViCi Grayhound ENCE vs. NiP NRG vs. Vitality AVANGAR vs. G2 FURIA vs. Winstrike Tyloo vs. Spirit Vega Squadron vs Renegades 3-1 ENCE NRG G2 2-2 FURIA Tyloo Renegades NiP Vitality AVANGAR 1-3 Winstrike Spirit Vega Squadron FURIA vs. AVANGAR Tyloo vs. Vitality Renegades vs. NiP QUALIFIED fnatic Cloud9 ENCE NRG G2 FURIA Vitality NiP ELIMINATED ViCi Grayhound Winstrike Spirit Vega Squadron AVANGAR Tyloo Renegades
2019-02-11 11:02
Such effort, but you made a mistake on the first matchups
2019-02-11 11:04
the first were originals from the IEM, then i simulated who would win and did the rest xd where I made a mistake? but do you agree with the qualified and eliminated?
2019-02-11 11:07
No i don't. ENCE vs. Spirit Vitality vs. TYLOO G2 vs. Vega Squadron All those 3 can go either way and most likely G2 will choke anyways. Tyloo has been praccin wider map pool so they can be a complete surprise, Spirit has played extremely well lately and because of bo1 has really good chance to beat ence.
2019-02-11 11:08
i think ENCE its way better than spirit, but really could beat them in BO1, Tyloo has 2 new members, Vitality is coming strong and G2 could be hiding something, i think they are better than Vega too
2019-02-11 11:12
Look at vega at all the majors they have attended, they looked like shit, barely played any games before the major, suddenly at major they are ready. G2 has been struggling ever since they made the player changes, they are not hiding anything. Their lineup isn't working and their individual performance is lower than ever. Vitality vs Tyloo is like 70%-30%, but due to Bo1, new map pool, new players Tyloo can easily take down vitality. Ence has lost lots of games to T6 teams, (Call it luck or not caring for online tournaments), but if you expect a team to go 2-1 at major, they should easily whoop some t6 teams without even thinking about it.
2019-02-11 11:28
it's true, i used the logic of players, G2 is stronger than them in firepower, but they are so much low lately. i'm hoping g2 praticed a lot, let's see. i think tyloo with new members are most likely to choke on a bo1, like what happened with mibr... this ENCE choice i made it's because i dont have expectations for NiP, at the simulation they met twice and I chose ence both times, idk why people on hltv love them, but i'm hoping they are coming strong this major
2019-02-11 11:44
ENCE 3-0
2019-02-11 11:05
its my dream but reality sucks
2019-02-11 11:07
lul @ furia over avangar
2019-02-11 11:07
lol it's because i'm brazilian, i really believe in them xd
2019-02-11 11:10
oh I get you not many can admit this on this site, i guess it's an indication of maturity as for the matchup, i believe that furia victory is generally unlikely but possible so gl!
2019-02-11 11:13
thank you! i dont know if they can beat avangar, but i really hope they qualify
2019-02-11 11:15
i'm sure they both will qualify.
2019-02-11 11:27
i hope so!! would be great
2019-02-11 11:30
Tyloo will get through. I dont think FURIA can make it
2019-02-11 11:15
i was in doubt with this too, but Tyloo has 2 new members and the team could be trying to get along still... i dont know about FURIA, i'm brazilian and really believe in them, if they wont choke they could
2019-02-11 11:18
xeta | 
World 1rks 
nip vs ence twice
2019-02-11 11:24
could happen, but its just a simulation
2019-02-11 11:25
xeta | 
World 1rks 
not sure how the rules are now, but in previous majors you couldnt play against the same team twice in swiss system?
2019-02-11 11:31
mibr met with astralis twice, but i dont remember if it was in different stages i used the logic of IEM (first vs. last...), maybe its different along the tournament
2019-02-11 11:38
North America ItsBl4z3 
I don't think its guaranteed that Cloud9 can win against NRG. But I'm betting that they will qualify. Renegades got a new roster change, so I'm betting that they can finally qualify. My Predicitons: QUALIFIED fnatic Cloud9 ENCE NRG G2 Renegades Vitality NiP ELIMINATED ViCi Grayhound Winstrike Spirit Vega Squadron AVANGAR Tyloo FURIA Didn't really change much, but whatever.
2019-02-11 11:24
i agree with you, NRG is strong but this Cloud9 almost beat astralis last year... i'm sure both will qualify. my renegades choice was random, i think it's them, avangar or furia to qualify
2019-02-11 11:28
pronax | 
Russia Ducat 
2019-02-11 11:31
nice predictions, thanks for sharing
2019-02-11 11:43
Nice prediction ;)
2019-02-11 11:32
thank you!! i'm not sure about FURIA qualifying, just put there because i'm brazilian and really believe in them lol, could be them or avangar
2019-02-11 11:39
Yeah, nobody knows... Everything may happen, they might be a dark horse. It's also nice to see somebody believing in G2.
2019-02-11 11:44
India Noobdian1 
Nip vs ence nip vs renegades twice??
2019-02-11 11:39
i used the logic of IEM (first vs. last...), maybe its different along the tournament, but what matters is the qualified/eliminated xd
2019-02-11 11:42
India Noobdian1 
Yeah true
2019-02-11 11:45
Belarus @Bitly 
TyLoo, ViCi and AVANGAR will pass.
2019-02-11 11:48
Hungary Bonte 
Imagine thinking that no CIS team will advance. Vega goes thru for sure, probably avangar as well -vitality-furia
2019-02-11 11:52
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