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Apex legends
India Packchallenger 
I personally didn’t like it much what about you guys?
2019-02-11 13:18
It’s 👌 if you have friends to play with
2019-02-11 13:20
India Packchallenger 
Yeah but boring after a while
2019-02-11 13:20
France Apixx 
I usually don't really like BRs, but this one is not that bad with friends.
2019-02-11 13:20
India Packchallenger 
I liked br with friends but got boring after a while
2019-02-11 13:20
PUBG and Fortnite are boring as fuck, but this one, il like it. Choose a champion, use your abilities, jump everywhere, go up and down, use ziplines. Not competitive, but fun with friends I think.
2019-02-11 14:21
I dont like BR and I also dont like games set into some scifi-fantasy-shit universe.
2019-02-11 13:24
India Packchallenger 
Me 2, I just like csgo
2019-02-11 13:25
Apex is no replacement for csgo, it cant even be an succesful esport
2019-02-11 13:26
rain | 
Norway Rogaland 
go to settings, and then press repair
2019-02-11 13:30
Germany mrrwombat 
I kinda like it. But I only started playing it yesterday.
2019-02-11 13:34
there is no competition bro just playing for fun it has no future in esports better than pubg i think
2019-02-11 13:40
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