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NiP after major change
Albania Tryzoid 
-dennis +Olof dennis isnt really playing anything crucial rn, sure he wins pistol rounds but i prefer an all around player like olof, the team doesnt have to focus around him, they should kinda be more tactical to become one of the most strongest swedish teams, instead of the loose play style which seems to be outdated to this point in this new meta
2019-02-11 16:30
Sweden hoey 
-dennis +igl like golden/hampus
2019-02-11 16:31
NiP hampus lul
2019-02-11 16:39
Sweden hoey 
literally the best available swedish igl after golden
2019-02-11 16:39
United States NT_Skadoodle 
2019-02-11 17:05
Nepal Askyexd 
''available swedish igl''
2019-02-11 17:08
United States NT_Skadoodle 
2019-02-11 17:09
Nepal Askyexd 
NA brain NA bait LUL
2019-02-11 17:09
xzist XDXd
2019-02-11 19:02
+1 Hampus is underated he is good entry and rifler Also lekro can concentrate on fraggin
2019-02-11 17:11
Forrest krimz Twist Olof Cype
2019-02-11 16:32
This would be a major contender
2019-02-11 16:32
whos cype?
2019-02-11 16:33
”Signed up 2018” checks out
2019-02-11 16:35
do i have to know every player in csgo history? But for real though, who the fuck is cype
2019-02-11 16:37
Sweden hoey 
you would know who he is if you werent a newfag
2019-02-11 16:40
United States NT_Skadoodle 
signed up 2018-06-08
2019-02-11 17:07
Sweden hoey 
first account banned for 10 years
2019-02-11 18:59
What did you do?
2019-02-12 23:40
Sweden hoey 
2019-02-13 00:28
Goat swedish igl
2019-02-11 16:41
krimz signed another 3 years with fnatic i would like to see: olof get right forrest golden lekro
2019-02-11 16:37
World bigb1rd 
Cype, lmao. That's some seriously good baiting...
2019-02-11 19:26
hahah thanks man only ogs remember
2019-02-11 19:59
Maybe +krimz but he just signed a long contract with Fnatic Would be nice to see KRiMZ on NiP. BUT you gotta take into account how players get along with each other inside and outside of the server. It's a really important part of Swedish cs and can lead to questionable roster moves just because players don't get along (case and point Fnatic -Lekr0)
2019-02-11 16:42
its all business though, its the orgs decision most of the time. I have no idea why fnc picked up xizt just because they won a t1 tournament with a good IGL
2019-02-11 16:47
Well, in Esports a lot of it actually falls on the players. Look at G2, shox gets what he wants (Carlos pls kick this idiot) The Fnatic players wanted Xizt, also wanted to get rid of golden and lekr0 NiP want to keep GTR and F0rest (can also be for marketing purposes though) Not all of the above players are bad, but they include some questionable roster moves at times (Especially Fnatic, wtf did they do with godsent it was terrible) Lots of players blame coaches and use them as scapegoats for being shit. Look at the NBK and Shox drama before that G2 lineup ended and Shox's reign of retardation began (Vitality #1 French team). At the end of the day, if two players don't get along, it can cause a roster move regardless of the org. Coldzera wants his bait
2019-02-11 16:56
Other khorkalba 
Why would Krimz need to leave Fnatic when the best NiP players can come to him? Remember that f0rest was a Fnatic legend long before he joined NiP. so the idea of him leaving NiP to join his old organization isn't so outlandish. As for players getting along, I think as long as they don't fight and argue constantly, they don't need to be friends. This is a professional competition after all, not a social club.
2019-02-11 19:24
Algeria RunGo 
f0rest and gtr will never join fnatic again watch at 18:40 to hear the story
2019-02-11 23:52
Other khorkalba 
Doesn't sound like a reason to never play for an org again to be honest. Especially not from f0rest's perspective. Regardless, I think it will be a shame if the best players in Sweden allow their careers to fizzle out without ever trying to form a superteam. It's frustrating because I genuinely believe they have the skill to put together a 5-man lineup that could beat Astralis. And that's based on current form, not on nostalgia or what players were like in their prime.
2019-02-12 22:44
Algeria RunGo 
i totally agree with u
2019-02-12 23:37
The only way to get a decent swedish team rn would be to make a mashup of NiP & Fnatic: - krimz - f0rest - lekr0 - REZ - JW / Twist (AWP) I'd love to see it happen in a country battle event, ofc just putting great invidual players into the same team doesn't have to mean good chemistry but would be interesting to watch tho. :p
2019-02-11 16:54
Krimz -star player F0rest - 3rd star Lekr0 - IGL GTR -support (already does that, watch some games and observe the setups) REZ - star Twist and JW have both been HUGE disappointments over the last few years and you need a support type player in a team like this if you want it to work. 3 stars with priority to Rez and krimz, then f0rest in the background (possibly main awp if he puts in more time). GTR already plays support as previously stated, goes for a lot of info plays/pushes (sometimes back B train or pop just to name one off the top of my head). Lekro as an IGL, he's got a long way to go but has shown promise and dedication towards it. only problem with krimz is the contract he signed
2019-02-11 17:00
Poland Astoner55 
-Krimz -Olof -F0rest -Twist -lekr0 Ezpz
2019-02-11 19:07
Sweden Trkmag 
Best realistic option: REZ f0rest GeT_RiGhT hampus draken What NiP needs is a real dedicated IGL and an AWP. NiP has always been the best when they have had a dedicated awper. To everyone who believes in the ''draken is bad'' meme; he was NiPs best player when he played there, he had loads of impact and more than made up for the shots he missed. He shouldn't have been kicked in the first place. But I will agree that he played bad in fnatic. hampus is added as a real IGL that can also kill people, with these changes NiP would be a top contender again.
2019-02-11 16:56
Indonesia youdelusional 
Nt draken
2019-02-11 16:59
Sweden Trkmag 
nt BnTeT
2019-02-11 17:03
draken again OMEGALUL
2019-02-11 20:10
Sweden Ivorn 
I love him but i think GTR will leave
2019-02-11 17:14
Germany FunnyDank 
i like dennis as entry tbh
2019-02-11 17:14
nip nawwl plopski ddoplan hampus )
2019-02-11 19:11
NiKo | 
India se7eNNN 
Krimz Rifle olof Lurk GTR Support f0rest AWP/rifle golden IGL
2019-02-11 19:12
Brazil VFI 
2019-02-13 01:26
draken...good... jesus. Watch a couple RR demos.
2019-02-11 19:14
Ninjas in Pyjamas Roster It actually depends. On their performance this major , because if NiP go through to Groups and then playoffs , they might keep the roster because it means they’re hitting of right. But if they lose at groups again , they might obviasly do -dennis And try to get an awper like nawwk , or draken or idk A player that can be as good with ak as awping. It depends in the performance and after the major or after NiP gets eliminated ( or could win ) they will decide what to do. We just need to wait , fellow NiP fans. Everyone have a good day.
2019-02-11 19:14
NiP don’t need to change anything unless they bomb in the major, you’re probably just basing this off the holts ranking but the only reason they’re 14th is cause of inactivity, they’ve not had any events to play at until the major. Plus when they last played an official match they were 6th on HLTV rankings. Miles ahead of C9 and fnatic.
2019-02-11 19:27
Sweden pontus767 
and because of not winning a single match at Blast Lisbon :)
2019-02-13 01:32
It doesn't matter, they're gonna disband at the end of this year
2019-02-11 20:11
Spain Zhalos 
-dennis +nawwk
2019-02-12 23:45
f0rest | 
United States yadda 
i just hope they do well at the major..
2019-02-13 00:36
Paraguay badspoken 
so do I, I think that this major is fundamental in terms of what is going to happen to the team
2019-02-13 00:46
f0rest | 
United States yadda 
yeah i would agree, dunno why they would kick rez, or why anyone in this thread would suggest that.. maybe only -dennis for a better igl
2019-02-13 01:22
thinking olof will leave a successful team for a smaller salary and way less tournament invites to play with 2 washed up swedes LUL
2019-02-13 01:29
MSL | 
Europe lgbtzera 
-dennis -GTR +nawk +hampus ? ez
2019-02-13 01:32
United Kingdom wellhyper 
NiP will be a "team" again when they get a *proper* IGL and a dedicated AWPer. They've just been scraping by on talent alone but that isn't good enough to win you the big matches.
2019-02-13 01:37
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