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csgo skin betting
Macedonia HCOONa_Matata 
Are there any sites that I can bet skins on? roulette, matches etc
2019-02-11 17:47
Brazil xhrp 
csgofast, just click on ads in the right and left bars
2019-02-11 17:48
cant see how I can withdraw skins on that site tho, only bitcoins and money
2019-02-11 17:53
Slovakia Pepo_ 
csgoempire is the best but there is more: gamdom, wtfskins, csgoatse
2019-02-11 17:56
Csgopositive, not sure tho
2019-02-11 18:08
you have to deposit dota2 skins and only very common ones, or they dont accept them
2019-02-11 18:09
csgo positive is trash, shitty odds, and they already take 40% of the price your skins when you deposit, since the ''third party site'' only pays 60% of their market price. Before you bet you are already being ripped off.
2019-02-11 19:22
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