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be honest with us
Brazil aPLUSk__freeGUCCI 
Have you ever want use cheats ? or you cheat once ? like.. one time.. few years ago or something ? Skin changer counts. be honest
2019-02-11 21:44
China lxxl2 
No. Also, skin changer shouldn't count.
2019-02-11 21:44
Reported for cheating
2019-02-11 21:50
Reported for cheating
2019-02-11 22:05
Panama ayykaramba 
Reported for cheating
2019-02-11 22:12
Reported for cheating
2019-02-11 23:15
Reported for cheating
2019-02-11 23:35
Reported for cheating
2019-02-11 23:37
2019-02-12 08:52
pizza better
2019-02-13 13:04
kebab cheater
2019-02-12 15:47
France JESUSSeidowas 
2019-02-12 15:53
Germany 2k19 
Reported for cheating
2019-02-13 21:35
Reported for cheating
2019-02-13 21:40
Russia Sur10n 
Reported for cheating
2019-02-14 07:01
juliano | 
Denmark SalcN 
Cheated for reporting
2019-02-14 15:41
Cheated for reporting
2019-02-14 18:02
Norway rogueplayer 
Yes, I have esp, wh, trigger, aim, speed.... many years ago on cs 1.6 for luls
2019-02-11 21:45
reported to valve
2019-02-11 22:07
Lithuania andy_ 
2019-02-11 23:12
I used wh when i was 13
2019-02-11 23:39
Brazil xhrp 
2018 ?
2019-02-14 10:12
19 actually his birthday is on 7th January
2019-02-14 10:17
fnx | 
Sweden Blueface 
I cheated once on my girlfriend, but I have no regrets. This hysterical bitch left me no other choice.
2019-02-11 21:46
Belgium wiikz 
Can confirm she did deserve it
2019-02-11 21:47
fnx | 
Sweden Blueface 
Menstrual cycle, they should restrain it. Normal people won't tolerate this shit, but, anyway... I need girls only to get laid, true love is a big hoax.
2019-02-11 21:52
Make sure you get plenty of girls so that when the menstrual cycle comes to the "bad moment" u can make a clean and fast swap
2019-02-11 21:53
Romania themightyflea 
2019-02-12 09:04
wtf men you made her face blue x)
2019-02-11 23:40
Russia Sur10n 
2019-02-14 07:02
Lithuania FnaticLit 
Yes me no cheat
2019-02-11 21:47
2019-02-11 21:48
Europe g4nl0cK 
I cheated in cracked CS1.6 for a week a couple years ago
2019-02-11 21:49
God | 
Poland henlo 
nonsteam 1.6 like 10 years ago good times
2019-02-11 21:52
Poland FeelsBadMan_ 
i was cheating while playing gta V, or need for speed world :/
2019-02-11 21:52
Turkey Slapdash 
i only used !ws, does it count?
2019-02-11 21:53
I cheated for 3 years using a private made by owl1337. It finally got detected last year and ive barley played cs;go since.
2019-02-11 21:54
scum of the game?
2019-02-11 22:01
A few years ago when I was still preaching about the cheating problem in the pro scene on hltv, Everyone laughed at and thought I was delusional, I realized that the retards that denied its possibility had no idea what cheats even looked like. So I set out to prove that even with a pretty basic $300 cheat I could hide the fact that I was doing it very easily. I got called out maybe a half a dozen times in 3 years.
2019-02-11 22:11
honestly? good for you. Cheating is wrong yes, but people are lazy and cowardly, so even if they cry and cry and cry, they will do nothing. So why not have some fun? Good job mate. I respect you.
2019-02-11 22:15
imagine paying 300 dollar just to prove some hltv users wrong lul
2019-02-14 07:43
United Kingdom MazeMagic 
He didn't because the story is a lie
2019-02-14 10:11
It isnt.
2019-02-14 15:09
I mainly did it because the feeling of tricking retards into thinking im some kind of god player was hilarious. It gave me a thrill like nothing else. Stupid people amuse me.
2019-02-14 15:09
owl got fkin owned
2019-02-13 21:40
+1 His fanboys are such retards too. I remember how they used to kiss his ass and act as shills for his threads for free upgrades to their privates.
2019-02-13 22:45
nah :)))))))0
2019-02-11 21:54
Never . I use skill
2019-02-11 21:54
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
2019-02-11 21:56
i cheated like 300 hours and never banned
2019-02-11 21:57
Canada Surzz 
ive cheated when i was like 13 or 14, wasnt fun. never cheated after that.
2019-02-11 21:59
cmon man u gotta admit at that age cheating was fucking awesome😎
2019-02-14 10:16
Canada Surzz 
nah. it made the game too easy. thats not fun imo lmao
2019-02-14 18:01
Netherlands ZoMilan 
Spoofing on Pokémon go xaxaxa
2019-02-11 22:02
2019-02-11 23:56
In CS:GO - no. But in CS 1.6 like 4 years ago i had cheated on some jailbreak servers with speedhack.
2019-02-11 22:05
yes i cheated in overwatch, no ban and i would cheat in csgo but lvl 9 faceit so i dont want to lose it ))😎😎😎
2019-02-11 22:06
Ukraine mortydefiled 
yep, when i was like 11 my friend brought me cheats for 1.6 and i was playing with aim and wh on dm servers
2019-02-11 22:07
Croatia mds818 
No, no and no.
2019-02-11 22:08
yes i cheated multiple times (7 8 times) used all the cheats spinbot esp aimlock assist skinchanger vb
2019-02-11 22:08
Used wallhack and trigeer like 3 years ago and i was cheating against only cheaters and that shit gave me great gamesense
2019-02-11 22:08
expected from arab
2019-02-11 22:08
Omg im so triggered(that shit only works against 10iq turks)
2019-02-13 09:14
so why didint work agianst you? ))))
2019-02-13 13:01
What are you 10 y.o?
2019-02-13 21:32
2019-02-14 06:54
me too😎 13 gang😎
2019-02-14 10:16
Ive cheated in nosteam css russian servers(everyone cheated, it was for fun), but talking about real cheating, never, i dont like it, its a nonsense for me.
2019-02-11 22:17
Mongolia k0ng0 
I have never even cheated in GTA games lol. I have never cheated in any game, i've never felt a reason to.
2019-02-11 22:19
Back in the 1.3 days we where a bunch of boys that had lans weekends and we all installed cheats on our computers and played the whole weekend against each other with the wildest cheats we could find. Good fun weekend :)
2019-02-11 22:18
only in single player games like GTA
2019-02-11 22:19
Sweden Lagge15 
I have used cheats on one other game long time ago. Those cheats are now implemented as features in that game.
2019-02-11 22:20
Bulgaria lektor 
Jedai hack at cs 1.6 before 12 years.
2019-02-11 22:22
This thread proof anyone can do a mistake once.. forgivenss it is valid.
2019-02-11 22:27
no because im not a pathetic cunt
2019-02-11 22:31
already used
2019-02-11 22:32
I cheated for 3 weeks with free cheats on valve MM Servers shitting on kids and bathing in their tears. I also had a friend who did it with me and we'd que up and be gods Went from DMG to GE in like a week. Used to put weird names and say I'm a pro surfing and shit GREAT TIMES FUCK VALVE
2019-02-11 22:34
Nice xray and kill aura mens
2019-02-14 10:17
Bosnia and Herzegovina stb1337 
Cheated when I was like 11 using some "silent aimbot" on public 1.6 server or smth like that, girls on server thought I was a pro so they added me on MSN XD. Bought new PC, couldn't find the link to the cheat anymore, decided to play without it and saw I was pretty good without hacks. Since then, no cheats. I haven't cheated in 1.6 praccs, not in tournaments or anywhere. Same goes for CS:GO (never used any cheat in CS:GO).
2019-02-11 22:36
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
> 1.6 server > girls on server Uhm... Those were pedophile men, bro.
2019-02-12 08:57
Bosnia and Herzegovina stb1337 
I actually met my best female friend there.. she was in love with my "skill" XD. Friends since 2009 and still counting :) P.S. actually a lot of girls used to play CS here since kinda in 200X the only games that we were aware for (the most played ones) are like CS, NFS, PES, Serious Sam, Call of Duty... so every girl basically had to play CS a few times, some liked and stayed and there's the population of girls.. Kinda they were forced to since their brothers all had installed CS 1.6 - the most known game here, still more playable that CS:GO in Balkans I guess in 2019 lel. So they kinda had it installed already, everything was set-up they'd just hop into server and ruin our experience since girls=bad at cs
2019-02-12 17:38
the only time i "cheated" with cs was when i used skin packs from fps banana :) other than that, no way
2019-02-11 22:38
Same, I still have these skins in 1.6, I play it sometimes
2019-02-11 23:20
haha for sure, some of them were ridiculous. my favorite was the super mario bros. grenade set for CSS. instead of grenades you threw different color super mario mushrooms :)
2019-02-11 23:26
I didnt use sets, I started using skins when csgo was out, so I had csgo skins like dragon lore etc.
2019-02-12 08:07
ooooo gotcha. i started using them with 1.6 and then more in css. they had some crazy ones for css too... mini guns, barret sniper rifles, awesome knives, all different types of assault rifles, etc. but yea, the mario mushrooms were the best. they even made mario noises when you threw them hahaha
2019-02-12 15:42
and I didnt try css
2019-02-12 08:07
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
i used to cheat in 1.6 when i first started playing, then got decent and stopped, bought some hack like a year ago in csgo as well, cheated for a month and got bored
2019-02-11 22:39
Brazil mexicowss 
only wallhack on local server to learn all the wallbangs in de_nuke 1.6 with my team
2019-02-11 23:10
Lithuania andy_ 
Back when I was a kid I wanted to cheat but then understood that it's not worth it, consequences later can be shit n etc. Now I'm strongly against cheating and I would never do that.
2019-02-11 23:12
Israel Aaron_btc 
no , invested alot into cs;go ( back when lounge was a thing) also leveled my account alot so never had the thought of cheating
2019-02-11 23:12
Sweden WhisperingEye 
I tried it 2 years ago for like a few matches on MM and played really obvious. got ow banned the day after, I deserved it but it feels bad, I regret ever trying. Now I can never play FACEIT or anything again.
2019-02-11 23:17
Never i am not a child
2019-02-11 23:19
France mdK_ 
No never
2019-02-11 23:21
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
at cs 1.6 and pool day map with 32 players yes, because its fun :D but in cm or gth never, because its boring :D
2019-02-11 23:28
Once, 3 years ago, like the stupid rage hack thing, i was upset that i got many cheaters in the enemy(or just good players) so i got a wallhack but got banned shortly after, couldnt play the game for 8 months but havent cheated since, and wont do it again, not worth loosing my account over it.
2019-02-11 23:30
i cheated a couple times in like august i think it's stupid. turns a boring game into an even more boring, pointless game edit: i will say it is scary how easy it is to hide it.... i top fragged for like 10 maps in a row without a single person ever calling me out at all.. even though i have been called a cheater while playing legit lol..
2019-02-11 23:36
Yes, mobile game called critical ops, i really do never want to cheat again.. you can trust me, never cheat!!!!
2019-02-11 23:37
I used in cs 1.6 (even got vacced steam since 11yo 10iq brain), rushing on public and i think i did once on tournament (got owned by good players anyway), never in csgo, I guess 10€ was too much for me to lose, and later on I just wanted to be good player
2019-02-11 23:43
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
I once spawned tank in GTA Vice City and the game instantly lost appeal for me, and I felt sad for people who found more fun in this game this way.
2019-02-11 23:47
2019-02-11 23:53
Lebanon Delsol 
I cheated once in css in 2007. The reason was a player on the server I played on started cheating. After weeks of him cheating, I started to do so aswell. 1 week after that both of us got banned lmao. This was the first and only time.
2019-02-11 23:56
Czech Republic Pee_Tea 
2019-02-12 08:08
yes i used a cheat once, in Condition zero on a superhero mod
2019-02-12 08:11
yes cheated sometimes on french public servers ~2003/2004, with a trashy free multi hack
2019-02-12 08:20
Back in 2013 in MW2 on PlayStation3 :d
2019-02-12 08:24
dupreeh | 
Turkey 10at 
I remember cheating on ROBLOX (via CheatEngine) and a shooter called WarRock. This is in ~2010 ofc EDIT: oh shit amk war rock is on steam :DDD
2019-02-12 08:26
720 | 
Poland Skrra 
i tried to cheat on my gf but i cant find any good skin changer
2019-02-12 08:26
You mean foreskin changer
2019-02-12 15:48
Russia k3ron 
I wanted to download some cheats and try 'em but no. Never cheated in any CS version and proud of it.
2019-02-12 08:45
not in cs but in some shitgames i did
2019-02-12 08:58
Yes, Good old super simple wallhack in 1.6 I was called the clutch master
2019-02-12 09:01
I used to cheat on cs 1.6, until new cheating death version :D
2019-02-12 09:01
No. Closest thing i've done is screen-peeking during a 1v1 on rust vs a friend.
2019-02-12 09:18
Azerbaijan Asiimov 
2019-02-12 09:19
Portugal [N]uKKeJ 
2019-02-12 15:45
Other flynttt 
yes i got banned with a lot of alt accs in 1.6 but worth it
2019-02-12 15:49
France JESUSSeidowas 
Not on CS, cs is way to much serious to be fun with cheats But GTA V yes
2019-02-12 15:52
when mw3 got filled with cheaters i downloaded something that turned my name into invalid characters, so anyone that killed me or was killed by me would have their game crash. i once cooked a nade too long with this thing downloaded and crashed my own game lol
2019-02-12 15:53
Portugal Antzrede 
2019-02-12 15:54
yes, like 12 years ago - opengl32
2019-02-12 17:37
Yes in 1.6 when I was young and stupid. Was obvious cheats but just wanted to see what it was like since many others used it. Got banned. Never again.
2019-02-12 17:37
swag | 
Canada drzzL 
Yeah when i though i would never play cs again way back in 1.6
2019-02-12 17:40
tbh no :)
2019-02-13 13:03
Korea XigNw0w 
2019-02-13 13:04
yes when i was 10
2019-02-13 13:05
i used no smoke in 1.6 like 8/9 years ago in gathers it had anti cheat with print screen, but when i killed someone in the smoke i would turn around :)
2019-02-13 13:05
Slovakia escapeiztop 
2019-02-13 13:05
Panama ayykaramba 
Yes I used wallhack in nonsteam CS 1.6. It was fun to hit "lucky" shots on public server. Got banned from the server after 5 mins. xd Better fun is to join jail server and start killing all the Ts for no reason. Ez ban in 2 mins + triggered server :D
2019-02-13 13:07
i had 16bit setting for a day on a public server around 2004. but when the opponent called me 16bit user i felt bad and switched back to 32.
2019-02-13 13:10
Sweden yayer 
in 1.6 yes , in csgo NEVER tried to cheat , one time i wanted just for fun then i said nah i wont risk it also i was in a slump in this time and cheats are like drugs if you like them , you wont quit them easily so i just kept practicing til i got back to my level
2019-02-13 13:11
only in 1.6.
2019-02-13 21:34
I did use cheats In games like hitman and singleplayer stuff never in any online game came to my mind tbh
2019-02-13 21:34
I wanted to cheat many times, never cheated tho.
2019-02-13 21:35
Never cheated on csgo, no point in playing games if it isn't your own skill annihilating opponents.
2019-02-13 21:36
If you count !ws command in Community Servers, yes, I did
2019-02-13 21:36
United States Trump2020KAG 
I wana cheat in rust so bad(destroy a popping vanilla server). Use mini copter to fly around spraying everyone down but I’m scared. Got 5.8k hr and 5k$ inv. Not risking all that to have fun for a few hours.
2019-02-13 21:37
Europe xSKYY 
I highly anticipated cheating maybe using one or let me get boosted by someone "cuz everybody does it" but i never did
2019-02-13 21:39
I was trolling my friends on 1v1 maybe 2-3 times.
2019-02-13 21:41
I used gameshark on NES once.
2019-02-13 21:41
Portugal Dite_ 
Yes, on 1.6 with some friends back in the days only for fun
2019-02-13 21:42
On Minecraft 7 years ago
2019-02-13 21:42
In CS no! Never ever in my life. I would never cheat in a multiplayer game, I find it repulsive and I think only cowards would do it! I did cheat in Sims, GTA, Starcraft Single player, etc.... only single players!
2019-02-13 21:44
Allow me to share with you my CS:GO career. I used to play Minecraft, cringe. I hacked on minecraft, no shame. It happened. Through one of the minecraft cheaters I watched on youtube I discovered a undetected cheat that was really reliable, and still is to this day, never been detected. So I use this private cheat that I paid a decent amount for. I didn't own CS:GO at the time so I used my brother's account, and I got his account overwatched, I then went on a 4 month cheating spree before I got bored. I realized that it would be way cooler to play the game legit and just be good, and I've been legit for the past year now. I'm still far away from being good, and I still get tempted to reinstall my cheats but I let that go. I burned through so many accounts and now it's so tempting to go back to with the free game. That's it. [TL:DR I used to cheat on minecraft, started cheating on CS:GO, legit now]
2019-02-13 21:52
on CS no
2019-02-13 22:46
shrek | 
Cambodia Libtard 
Never but I'd like to
2019-02-13 22:47
in 1.6. on casual servers...non steam.
2019-02-13 22:48
Bulgaria omaiguudness 
never, not even on 1.6
2019-02-13 22:50
i use flying car in gta vc, sry :(
2019-02-13 22:53
Finland Rausku_ps 
How can you live with yourself after that???
2019-02-14 07:44
my liver handles what my heart cant
2019-02-14 09:53
Finland Rausku_ps 
Some may call it alcoholism, but I call it a hobby!
2019-02-14 15:33
i call it thursday afternoon
2019-02-14 15:38
Estonia Mrkruvi 
I used Nodus in Minecraft
2019-02-13 22:56
speedhack in source on ze_
2019-02-14 06:59
Yes on free accounts obv. Only issue I had was a significantly lower trust factor after 5 free accs were banned. (csgo) Also helped me for how cheats looked like usually in the overwatch.
2019-02-14 07:07
Switzerland sovereiign 
I cheated once in CSS back in 2005 or 2006. It was a rage cheat though. I was on a pub server and there was so many guys cheating so I said F it and asked in chat where I could find some cheats. Then a bunch of people posted links lol. I downloaded one that said it was detectable and got banned the next day.
2019-02-14 07:15
Yes / no / no
2019-02-14 07:18
Russia Pepyaka 
In 1.6 i used to use wallhack for fun. But it was not in steam
2019-02-14 07:20
United States HowToK 
in cs, never wanted to use cheats because this is the one game i still play with my friends and because i grinded my way up for 5 years. i actually despise cheaters in multiplayer games in general because they're basically overtaking other people who put effort into the game simply by using cheats. i do use cheat engine in single player games though. if i just want to get through the game for the story and plot and dont really care for gameplay, cheat table. if the game is getting to the point where i wouldnt want to play anymore but i still want to get to the ending (grinding, difficulty, etc), cheat table. if i simply dont have the time to sit down and play through the game properly but i really want to finish it, cheat table.
2019-02-14 07:37
Norway PeteZz 
nah man, only singleplayah cheats. couldn't be bothered online.
2019-02-14 07:38
gob b | 
Germany Shore 
Not in cs but i got a VAC in a one day cheat action in MW3
2019-02-14 07:42
In CS no. Just once used a cheat that would make me super fast in some MMORPG, but also only for maybe an hour, giving me no advantage at all
2019-02-14 07:44
United Kingdom shmilx 
I gave myself rare candy in Pokemon so I could skip level grinding and so I could get shinies but that’s about it
2019-02-14 08:04
Poland LuuPi 
i have never cheated so...
2019-02-14 08:49
never and everyone who used/uses cheats knows he is trash and will never get good at the game
2019-02-14 09:58
kennyS | 
Luxembourg xyce 
I did, in CSS , when I was 14, like 11 years ago. A few years ago I downloaded a cheat for DayZ when there were a lot of cheaters just to be able to rek them, cheat never worked , account got vac banned , 8/8 best money spent ever But never in CSGO an will not
2019-02-14 10:04
Israel wetz 
2019-02-14 10:05
Israel wetz 
2019-02-14 10:04
I only cheated in MW2 a long time ago but my wallhack didnt work only aimbot so I uninstalled it and one day later all my friends were banned but I wasnt xD
2019-02-14 10:14
2019-02-14 10:17
Skinchanger (This Russian) and I got banned It was just a experiment but after I heard some rumors about VACNET it was too little to late. I'm still using it cuz truly I play cs for fun but not Russian schanger who wants to h8?
2019-02-14 10:18
Austria iVulkaN 
Cheated in Minecraft Online LUL and noclip trolling a friend in 1v1
2019-02-14 15:10
Never. I'm gold nova 4.
2019-02-14 15:39
Spain X4rly 
when classic offensive came out i got interested in mods and tried a few and also tried some cheats with -insecure on offline server
2019-02-14 15:40
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
Never, i'll feel bad with myself
2019-02-14 15:42
Europe sn00b_d0gg 
f**king cheaters, i love this game but they ruin it bigtime. also, i don't get why would anyone cheat.. i can not picture myself having fun while ruining the experience for legit players, i mean... must be my morals or something like that, but i still think cheating is a clear sign of emotional disbalance and/or mental instability. get sum help from a friend or a psychologist, but don't go ruining other's experience just because of your low self-esteem, its hella egotistical and won't help solve your problems
2019-02-14 15:51
Never have in my life. I guess it could be fun in a private server, but it’s not worth getting banned
2019-02-14 18:03
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