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Brazil renanmalta 
When valve killed csgo lounge, she didnt kill only the gambling. - Valve killed the most tradeable place in the world. - Valve killed the most font of major viewers in the history. - Valve KILLED a chance of tier 3~4 games being watchable (becouse gamble) and then we used to know those players. - Valve killed csgo just trying to overcome the gambling, because gaben is so prideful. - CSGO died in the hands of creator. Thats the sentence, but we have a single chance. #FREECSGOLOUNGE
2019-02-12 01:39
+1 that was their biggest mistake, they should care more about their community but valve is only after money
2019-02-12 01:44
lol the casinos are literally taking your money and valve just saved you from losing it.
2019-02-12 01:48
i never went to a casino m8 and don't act like valve isn't just after money
2019-02-12 17:07
Did you just assume Valve's gender?
2019-02-12 01:46
Brazil renanmalta 
Yea, only bitches has so useless prideful
2019-02-12 01:48
apex legends = cs go dying reason
2019-02-12 01:49
Serbia K4bby 
minecraft killed csgo
2019-02-12 01:56
shrek | 
Cambodia Libtard 
Shaggy killed god
2019-02-12 02:15
United States xxxhoshi 
csgo gambling wasn't gonna live forever lmao. the hype for skins has died down, not to mention it was illegal for valve to continue letting businesses like that to operate
2019-02-12 01:59
better competitive games are out because csgo is boring as fuck
2019-02-12 02:03
Australia t0rrent 
Lol all your reasons are just gambling dickhead
2019-02-12 02:06
Brazil fkhltv 
omg poor little kids cant spend anymore daddy money on stupid gambling and skin
2019-02-12 02:07
2019-02-12 02:08
Mad 13yo because he can't bet 2$ skins
2019-02-12 02:16
shrek | 
Cambodia Libtard 
Go play with safari mesh you noob
2019-02-12 02:17
Iceland siggisato 
they did not have a choice they had to stop the gambling cause they were getting sued for under aged gambling its just the people that are two blame if you cant play the game without gambling then your not playing the game to play the game you are playing it to gamble so go and waste your money on regular sites instead of saying csgo died becuse you could not burn your money on csgo gambling
2019-02-12 02:23
Norway bruhfessor 
CSGO is dead because its a noob version of 1.6 and people like challenges and like to improve and dominate. I mean they even noobed (introduced blur and input lag on aim when scoping) down awp after kennys owned with it, how pathetic are devs. Gambling was a mere life-extension, a pacemaker to a dying game
2019-02-12 02:35
Brazil renanmalta 
2019-02-12 14:07
cuz shitty game modes...
2019-02-12 14:08
REASON #0 - no new maps /closed
2019-02-12 14:08
CSGO died because there were more updates adding more skins than actually fixing the bugs
2019-02-12 14:09
Korea XigNw0w 
Yep, it always dying, all the time.
2019-02-12 14:09
Brazil goatzera 
Idiot thread again about this
2019-02-12 14:18
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