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Pickems ft tarik brax flom ....
Algeria RunGo this for the guys who are struggling in the pickems i personally will go for the seangares one but i'd like to switch fnatic with tyloo or g2 so i can guarantee that i get a point in case fnatic drop a map
2019-02-12 01:53
XigN | 
Korea yooz 
lmao at people who make their pickems from the others. if don't know jack shit of cs, just dont play pickems at all.
2019-02-12 02:06
Algeria RunGo 
i just want to help the new csgo scene followers why so mad tho
2019-02-12 02:09
+1 thanks for help mr rungo
2019-02-12 02:13
Algeria RunGo 
np mr bring_back_dignitas_stickers
2019-02-12 02:14
XigN | 
Korea yooz 
wasn't being mad at you
2019-02-12 02:52
World dammo 
It's better to not put good team in 3-0 cuz you lost the chance to put this team in 7 other teams which will advance if the go f.e 3-1, am I right?
2019-02-12 02:57
Yes... And that's what vince did
2019-02-12 03:03
Luken | 
Argentina Tomaas 
I'd go with vince's, because I consider the 3-0 unpredictable and the 5 points are practically guaranteed.
2019-02-12 03:02
Algeria RunGo 
yeah solid picks but i'd swap tyloo for avangar
2019-02-12 03:23
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