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GG BET Deposit bonus question
Norway NorskeTorsk3 
GGBET has a 3x deposit bonus during katowice and im read the information about the bonus and it says For the bonus amount to be cashed wagering requirements are 20 times the bonus amount within 14 days of the bonus being awarded. Qualifying bets for betting bonus wagering must be placed at odds of 1.75 or more and be settled, eligible type of the bets – single. can someone explain wtf this means
2019-02-13 19:04
dont waste time
2019-02-13 19:05
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
it basically means you wont get anything of your bonus until you have lost 99% of what you deposited
2019-02-13 19:06
2019-02-13 19:07
MSL | 
Europe lgbtzera 
2019-02-15 06:02
Poland dreamShow 
2019-02-13 19:07
MSL | 
Europe lgbtzera 
these bonuses just bait for 1st deposit and u will never get profit of them
2019-02-15 06:03
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