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Brazilian's Threat
Brazil TheToxicAvenger777 
Man, an brazilian who watch/play cs go never will stab someone. 80% are kids, and the other ones are nerds. When you receive an brazilian threat keep it in mind.
2019-02-13 19:37
Poland boltzzon 
2019-02-13 19:38
2019-02-13 19:38
Brazil FanOfMibr 
i actually got stabbed recently
2019-02-13 19:39
You should be ashamed of this, not of kids talking shit on the internet!
2019-02-13 19:39
why should he be ashamed of getting stabbed are you saying the victim's at fault?
2019-02-13 19:40
no, i'm learning english and expressed my thought in an wrong manner. He created an topic saying he's ashamed because of the brazilian fans and i think he should be ashamed by the fact that we can't walk on the streets without risk to be dead by the hands of some criminal not about kids talking shit here at hltv, that have the wrost kid's of the world, not only the wrost kids of brazil
2019-02-13 19:46
dude i was joking
2019-02-13 19:44
and i feel sorry for you.
2019-02-13 19:39
Did you stab back? U cant take shit from ppl like that
2019-02-13 19:41
no /close
2019-02-13 19:40
my name is taco i'm from brazil stab me in game ill stab u fo real
2019-02-13 19:41
So it's excuse to make dead threats if u are Brazilian kid or nerd? I don't see any other nationally make death threats if theirs team lost match...
2019-02-13 19:45
It's not an excuse, is just to show that the ones who do that are just autistic not dangerous
2019-02-13 19:47
Other countries has autistic people too and they don't threat anybody's lives here... So are other countries autistic people raised better? 🤔
2019-02-13 19:50
Off course they are, you have any doubt about it?
2019-02-13 19:53
I'm just curious :D
2019-02-13 19:54
I'm curious about this type of thing too. Poorness bring ignorance and all this behavior, but this is not only about poorness, the brazilian Hltv guys are not poor but yet they have an bad behavior. And sometimes we can saw this type of behavior in 1rst world's guys too(not death threats but, bad things) that are not justifiable.
2019-02-13 20:10
Maybe it's the money? If u are rich kid and you think you are better than anybody else? And you haven't done any hard work never and everything is just given to you? Maybe that's why 🤔
2019-02-13 20:16
Yeah in some cases this is it,but not only this.
2019-02-13 20:20
No, that's not an excuse. But some people like Hiko contract personal security to come here or delete tweets or don't do an joke because of this retardes. That's not necessary, they are braindead and irrelevant.
2019-02-13 19:47
Sure, but why Brazilians are so salty and can't take any joke,comments or facts about if Brazilian team sucks?
2019-02-13 19:53
I don't know, i think this is cultural. The criticism of our fans is big here, the people don't know how to deal with the defeat. Nobody values the effort of the second place, they say "second is the first loser" if you won you are an god, GOAT an this type of thing if you lose you are nothing, And they have that shit like "we can say shit about our teams, but people from other countries not", and I think this type of behavior came from a lot of aspects of our society. Of course this is not the majority of the people, but we can see this a lot here.
2019-02-13 20:04
I can understand that people are passionate about their favorite teams and I know that these toxic people are minority of population. But it's so sad because they get most attention :( and thank you mate for great conversation, this is really rear here that people can talk without being toxic for another:D
2019-02-13 20:09
Europe Freeburger97 
stab me daddy
2019-02-13 19:46
Europe DOBU 
2019-02-13 19:48
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