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JW is either the new IBP or extremely boosted
Denmark IsThatHowItWorks Try with 0,5, and see how much of the enemy you can see.
2019-02-13 22:31
The fact that you say '' Try with 0.5 '' shows that there's alot people who wouldn't see it in time plus smokes are different in game than for spectators
2019-02-13 22:32
i watched it live on my 5.5 s7 in 360p quality and i saw him so...
2019-02-13 22:34
smokes are different in game than for spectators
2019-02-13 22:34
2019-02-13 22:39
The fact that you say that shows that you did not watch the clip.
2019-02-13 22:35
I did watch the clip and watched it live.
2019-02-13 22:35
United States codgun 
JW is either throwing or blind. I'm watching live rn and I have no idea how he didn't fucking kill them, he just wants to fuck up all our picks
2019-02-13 22:33
playing for the first time without radar :D
2019-02-13 22:35
United States codgun 
But he still should've easily seen him, he looked there for a good second and very clearly saw his body.
2019-02-13 23:11
Sweden dim4k 
its obvious that it is a spectator only visual..
2019-02-13 22:34
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
He was watching for push through smoke his eyes full focus.
2019-02-13 22:34
jOELZ | 
Finland senkesett 
CS:GO smokes are client-sided you mong, there might've been 0 gap on JW's screen for all we know.
2019-02-13 22:35
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