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Sex education
Brazil KickFallen_ffs 
best thing of 2019 until the moment Thank u netflix
2019-02-14 21:36
Europe cocukjazz7272 
wtf a ridiculous series that leads young people to sexuality.
2019-02-14 21:37
Brazil KickFallen_ffs 
i think young people are having sex way before netflix was invented
2019-02-14 21:39
doesnt mean that netflix, especially sex education have no influence on young people
2019-02-14 23:10
why is that a bad thing lol?
2019-02-14 23:01
Other jakerr 
Just look at todays teenagers and you got the answer
2019-02-14 23:07
2019-02-14 23:10
2019-02-14 23:19
Other Fookin_Legend 
2019-02-15 01:24
Germany liddeb0b 
was really funny
2019-02-14 21:37
Brehze can unscramble eggs.
2019-02-14 23:10
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
I had to pause it couple times because the interaction felt just so freaking stupid. *going to kiss a girl of his dreams* "I'M VIRGIN BTW"
2019-02-14 22:02
too cringe for me
2019-02-14 22:03
watching netflix is cringe enough
2019-02-14 22:11
the whole world watches, maybe u mad cause is forbidden in russia
2019-02-14 22:12
2019-02-14 22:14
Portugal xteck009 
m8 you are in hltv , all the things that everybody watches or does is cringe because that is something that a "normie" would do. They are just dumb so don´t even try to argue with them is a waste of time.
2019-02-14 22:57
2019-02-14 23:02
reality 1/10 (1 for if you are porn caster) virginity 10/10
2019-02-14 22:05
Is sexual education like There is a Hole there you must put the penis there?
2019-02-14 22:07
Brazil KickFallen_ffs 
tv show
2019-02-14 22:10
I mean real sex education
2019-02-14 22:10
yes basically it "You suck a little, then you just lick, go up and down, up and down, touch his balls with your left hand, but keep sucking"
2019-02-14 22:11
Brazil centjeefizik 
2019-02-14 22:13
thanks man my dog is now pleased
2019-02-14 22:59
Brazil deokcs 
when you only play games
2019-02-14 22:09
yeah it was an okay show, nothing special but def worth watching
2019-02-14 22:58
2019-02-14 23:03
Sweden TriggeredByMe 
Sex Education is a shame
2019-02-14 23:05
It is boring, immoral, etc.. Didnt watch it all. It just lies young people in how it should be or how it is in a modern society, wich is false and it shouldnt be that way.
2019-02-14 23:08
Is the show based on lies? no, there is just much hyperbole used to show the teenage problems, i honestly liked the show cuz of it.
2019-02-14 23:41
Just much hyperbole. IT is huge hyperbole, which makes it a lie and most importantly young teenagers think it is normal.
2019-02-15 10:35
It's a good show
2019-02-14 23:22
SEX ED is a dope series ngl!
2019-02-14 23:23
2019-02-15 01:23
watching it now. I used to relate to that sex therapist kid in middle school. I got into a good friend group and became way more confident. I hope this kid will be like me but just older when he becomes less of a loser. You can't spell therapist without rapist
2019-02-15 01:15
Estonia slunga 
good show imo but I see why people wouldn’t like it
2019-02-15 01:19
yeah same. I just feel like that one "loser" character is gonna change like I did when I was 12 so it kind of feels relate able. Back then I was super awkward and always doubted myself. I just can sort of relate and like the story line. +1
2019-02-15 01:46
Some nice tits over there LUL!
2019-02-15 10:35
Good but overrated IMO Also the final is kinda trash
2019-02-15 10:37
Yeah not bad final, but boring last episode
2019-02-15 11:47
Its 100% cringe
2019-02-15 10:39
Europe VerySmartKid 
My ham :(
2019-02-15 10:41
i don't like how virgins act about this series like they see only sexual things don't you see that cool friendship and relationship between the characters ?
2019-02-15 10:43
Yea rly good series bro ;) Imo not only for younger kiddos but also for others
2019-02-15 11:48
France Urzqor 
It's fun But not the best. Russian Doll is cool as well
2019-02-15 11:53
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