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Greenland zyzzbrahh 
lmao at thinking this guy isn't gonna win 2020, energy levels are through the roof
2019-02-14 21:57
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I don't fcking how U.S people voted for Trump at first place Were they stoned or what???
2019-02-14 21:59
flag checks out
2019-02-14 22:00
I can say 1thing there is 0 chance Trump can win 2020 elections. I can bet my life on it
2019-02-14 22:01
2019-02-14 22:02
Poland xkhao 
haha that's what people like you said about the 2016 election and im gonna lmao at your life when he wins for a second term
2019-02-14 22:11
Miracle happened once lmao
2019-02-14 22:12
Poland xkhao 
can't wait to see more assblasted lefties like you after he wins with an even better poll rate : DD
2019-02-14 22:13
Trump for God Emperor of mankind
2019-02-14 22:01
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
2019-02-14 22:03
Finland TurtleB 
i fucking love trump
2019-02-14 22:10
Japan apple_tea 
best president ever
2019-02-14 22:12
United States EmperorTrump 
2019-02-14 22:12
United States Trump2020KAG 
Trumps events sell out in minutes. Dems events get canceled because nobody shows up.
2019-02-14 22:14
ckN | 
India SinghSir 
Narendra Modi.
2019-02-14 22:14
fer | 
Brazil Drezim1 
he rekt the libtards 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
2019-02-14 22:15
Im gonna jump the border with the cartel just to vote for Trump after being legalized.
2019-02-14 22:22
United States AproximateCS 
2 things, 1. More people showed up at the counter rally than at that one. 2. He is gonna circumvent congress to get what he wants to take money from where he wants for what he wants.
2019-02-14 22:25
United States EmperorTrump 
> 1. More people showed up at the counter rally than at that one. OMEGALUL WHAAAT 1k > 30k OMEGALUL LIBTARD LOGIC
2019-02-14 22:31
For people not on point about recent political news of the US : - Trump want more than 5 billions for 350 km of his wall in the budget. - Congress disagrees but proposes funding for 110 km of fences. - Both side stand their position and the shutdown is started. - Few day later, Congress proposes a partial deal to reopen the administration for one month - Trump refuses - One month later Trump finally agrees for that partial agreement. At this point, Trump delay to accept costed 3 billions to US economy (you don't pay state employees or state contracts, then these people don't spend their money or pay their employees, etc..) to end with that exact agreement proposed one month earlier. - At the end of the partial agreement, Trump agrees the initial proposal of Congress, but instead of 110km of initial fences, there are now only 88km paid. TL; DR : Trump and Congress started a record breaking shutdown to end with Trump accepting an proposal with one month delay, then accepting a budget for south border defenses even lower than what was proposed to him in the first place. Sounds like "The art of failing a deal completely" if you ask me.
2019-02-14 22:32
allu | 
North America hesh 
What is the downside of the wall? The money it costs is a drop in the bucket. Liberals would rather throw a tantrum than secure our border. They don't care about this country, they want to fundamentally change it into something it has never been.
2019-02-15 14:46
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