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Cheap Mouse?
DaZeD | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
I need a decent but cheap mouse for CSGO. Any recommendations?
2019-02-15 07:06
2019-02-15 07:10
2019-02-15 07:19
flusha | 
Russia soulmate 
G102/Rival 110
2019-02-15 07:19
I have genesis xenon200 but i think 210 has better senror or something. Hard to say hot good sensor it is. Mostly im only wrist player so i have high sens. But if i flick fast like i usally dont the sensor spins out or just stops. But i have 1500dpi on 2.12in game so yeah
2019-02-15 07:22
Israel wetz 
Try the razer deathadder, very good mouse for the price Cost like 20 dollars in Ebay Hf
2019-02-15 07:32
Israel wetz 
Or the g102 logitech I am using it right now and it's pretty good
2019-02-15 07:33
Dreammachines dm1 pro
2019-02-15 07:41
2019-02-16 12:09
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