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Peak of Hip-Hop
Poland Madflowmadhoe Unironically the best song ever made. This is what peak hip-hop looks like folks.
2019-02-15 09:37
Xd no
2019-02-15 09:41
This thread is exclusively for drained people
2019-02-15 09:46
more like braindead people
2019-02-15 09:58
Go listen landser nazi
2019-02-15 10:50
loool +1
2019-02-16 22:46
Switzerland sovereiign 
You have to be trolling. This is awful.
2019-02-15 09:53
Finland jvesper 
peek of hop hop
2019-02-15 09:58
2019-02-15 11:27
Finland jvesper 
2019-02-15 11:29
villiG | 
Czech Republic prokda 
emo shitrap
2019-02-15 11:31
Better than g-eazy by 20000000%
2019-02-15 13:43
2019-02-15 13:44
6ix9ine was the peak of hiphop
2019-02-15 13:44
fnx | 
Sweden Blueface 
2019-02-15 13:45
2019-02-16 14:37
fnx | 
Sweden Blueface 
2019-02-15 13:44
what is that trap shit
2019-02-15 13:45
You are obviously trolling, so for a real answer: Eminem - Stan One of the most known rappers alive making a song to make peoiple stop fanboying him to hard, asking people to keep it real instead of going dumbfounded over stardom. Great lyrics, good flow, amazing implications and on top of that multiple lines and a chorus, everyone will remember.
2019-02-15 14:04
I'm not trolling. I hated bladee's music for his vocals n shit but than I got drained and bladees music is the best music on earth Also fuck that song for everyone saying Stan
2019-02-15 19:30
"I can't even play, I need you, double F, don't need no GG Link up and it’s wet like Fiji, whatever you want, it's easy Who wanna link up with DG? Double F, don't need no GG Night vision, you can't even see, night vision, you can't even reach me You play like U.S. open Cartier wrist, like I'm from Ocean My bro Cartier frozen You play the game, now I'm coaching I put the money in motion Can't look back, I keep going You play like U.S. open I put the money in motion" Thats basically the whole lyrics besides the chorus. "You know the song by Phil Collins, "In the Air of the Night" About that guy who could a saved that other guy from drowning But didn't, then Phil saw it all, then at a a show he found him? That's kinda how this is, you could a rescued me from drowning Now it's too late, I'm on a thousand downers now, I'm drowsy And all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call I hope you know I ripped all of your pictures off the wall I love you Slim, we coulda been together, think about it You ruined it now, I hope you can't sleep and you dream about it And when you dream I hope you can't sleep and you scream about it I hope your conscience eats at you and you can't breathe without me" Thats basically one part of one of the 4 verses, besides the chorus. Nice try
2019-02-16 13:54
I know that song and the story behind it. Still it's not like bladee hasn't lived through those things or yung lean especially. In their young age they have already lived through fucked up shit. Also your comparison is a bit weird isn't it?
2019-02-16 22:46
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