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18+ Trumpists at their finest
United States cincinnatus This pos Republican says he would drown his children if they were gay/lesbian. Does the MAGA hat cause brain damage or something?
2019-02-15 18:35
2019-02-15 18:36
fnx | 
Sweden Blueface 
Cause y'all idiots think it's cool to talk about your rights only because you aren't straight white.
2019-02-15 18:36
2019-02-15 18:59
United States lumpy seal 
2019-02-15 19:59
speech 0
2019-02-15 21:04
United Kingdom Hamshanks 
Um what
2019-02-16 16:55
Dude as you have crazy people in republican side you have crazy people in democratic side. You have there people marrying pillow or light or whatever.
2019-02-15 18:37
+1 for penis
2019-02-15 18:39
yeah that's a false equivalency. And no one is trying to marry pillows... and even if they did that's harmless type of crazy. Wanting to murder your own children over nothing is rather harmful.
2019-02-15 18:58
Iceland fatboislim 
omg you are so right, i don't support trump anymore.
2019-02-15 19:51
Wanting to murder your children over nothing is rather harmful... Yeah, I agree. That's why I don't support abortion.
2019-02-15 20:12
developing babies don't even have a cortex until the third trimester, it is impossible for them to be sentient. There is no evidence of consciousness until 5 months AFTER birth. It's not wrong to kill something that isn't sentient. To call abortion murder is the logical equivalent of calling destroying a rock murder.
2019-02-15 20:28
"It's not wrong to kill something that isn't sentient." It's not wrong to kill your own innocent child because it isn't sentient yet?
2019-02-15 20:32
Yes? Duh? If something has no interests, you can't violate its interests. That's tautological. Idk why you added "yet" there. Potential doesn't matter. There is no general logical inference "X is a potential Y, therefore it has the rights of Y." It would be like saying of a 5 year old "Sarah is a potential 16 year old, therefore she has the right to drive." It's an invalid argument.
2019-02-15 20:47
Sure, why not. Earth's overpopulated enough as it is.
2019-02-15 20:48
so where do you draw the line of when an abortion is illegal?
2019-02-15 21:48
I think 24 weeks is a decent cut off point, as it can't be conscious before then. Even after then it probably isn't, very likely can't feel pain from a development standpoint and even then it's probably in an anesthetized state until birth. But, just to be safe, late term abortions should only be done if it's going to have severe disabilities or if mother's life is at risk. Which is pretty much only when they're done anyway.
2019-02-15 22:04
ok i understand your argument. but then what about people who are brain dead who have no consciousness? is it then ok to kill people who are braindead, even if there is a chance of them getting their consciousness back at a later time?
2019-02-15 22:15
If someone is actually brain dead they can't get consciousness back. Medically brain death is the same as death. If you mean people in a coma, no it's not okay if they might regain consciousness. That's like killing someone in their sleep. It's still a continuous being in that case, so all of the normal things that make killing wrong still apply.
2019-02-15 22:25
Thats pretty fucked up ngl bro. Trying to justify killing babies is next level retard
2019-02-15 20:39
I'm just talking about abortion. Unborn babies aren't conscious. But one of the most famous and influential moral philosophers, Peter Singer, actually defends infanticide:
2019-02-15 20:52
Do you agree with people killing babies after they are born but before these 5 month then? If not, why?
2019-02-15 20:58
Note that there's no evidence until after 5 months, this doesn't mean for sure that it isn't conscious before this. Lack of evidence isn't proof. It absolutely isn't self-aware, but its theoretically possible it can feel pain. However, it is impossible before third trimester because there is no cortex. And in the third trimester it's exceedingly unlikely. After birth it's still unlikely, but not 100% impossible. But, in the case of severely disabled infants, yes, as Peter Singer argues. They are certainly not self-aware at that point, which means their life is replaceable. It's like killing a fish. You shouldn't cause it pain, but if you kill one and magically replace it with another fish, there's no effective difference. So, say if a mother has severely disabled infant, and this mother only can support one child, there's nothing wrong with 'replacing' this child with another one - killing the one that will live a life of pain and have a another healthy child. But most parents would be horrified to kill their infant anyway, so it doesn't matter to much. I don't think many people are asking to legally kill their infant children.
2019-02-15 21:07
You are mistaking cortex and connexion with cortex mate.
2019-02-15 21:10
2019-02-15 21:11
human fetuses have a cortex way before week 24 (start of the third trimester) I don't know where you are getting your info but they are totally wrong. It is the connections between the (already existing) cortex and its periphery that are not finished before week 24.
2019-02-15 21:15
It starts to development before then, it is not fully developed. I'm using cortex as shorthand for cortex, prefontal cortex, and connections forming , as it's the epicenter of human consciousness. Basically, scientists tend to agree the 24 week cut off is very defensible.
2019-02-15 21:30
Scientist are not even agreeing on what is consciousness mate, so... Anyway, scientists you are talking about are obstetrician gynecologist. The very people making money with abortion, so you really think they would tell you otherwise? "Hello our product is terrible, but keep using it, we need new cars". Business doesn't work that way. Even this put aside, the problem with your explanation is as soon as I contradicted it, you went back "okay what I said is false but because blabla still true". Exactly like religious people do when put in front of their contradiction.
2019-02-15 21:40
what? You got confused what 'cortex' meant, idk how you interpreted that as me saying something false. Obviously the connections to the cortex are necessary, just like a brain isn't very useful if it's not connected to your body. Kind of obvious. And scientists don't know exactly how consciousness works, but they know the cortex is the epicenter and they can use brain imaging to find evidence of consciousness and they can often distinguish between pre-programmed reflexes and actual consciousness.
2019-02-15 21:55
"However, it is impossible before third trimester because there is no cortex. " I do believe you are the confused one.
2019-02-15 21:57
no, I'm not. "consciousness is mainly localized in the cortex, consciousness cannot emerge before 24 gestational weeks when the thalamocortical connections from the sense organs are established." Writing 'no cortex' in an already long post is quite a bit easier than writing "thalamocortical connections from the sense organs are not yet established." Obviously the cortex isn't formed over night. No means it's not formed yet. Like if 75% of my arm was cut off it's fair to say i'm one armed.
2019-02-15 22:08
yes 8 more words in an already long thread would change everything ofc. 0/8
2019-02-15 22:10
It's hilarious you write that in the same sentence you write 'ofc.' It's how shortcuts work. Would've really been that hard to write of course? I'm not going to write "thalamocortical connections from the sense organs are not yet established" 30 times when I can write two words that mean the same thing. Stop trying to make yourself feel better than you lost this argument. I backed up all my claims with sources from journals. The science proves my claim: it can't be conscious in the first two trimesters. So, no, you're the one that's confused. You don't want to admit you don't have the facts on your side so you focus this utter bullshit.
2019-02-15 22:15
Was #104 "an already long post" according to you? Beside your article don't say "it can't be conscious in the first two trimesters", you should read them yourself at least.
2019-02-15 22:20
you're not even following your own logic anymore
2019-02-15 22:19
Don't I ?
2019-02-15 22:20
"over nothing" REALLY ? NOTHING?
2019-02-15 20:53
yes? Murdering people because of the gender they're physically attracted to.. doesn't get any more insane than that.
2019-02-15 20:55
Killing babies because of their sex? 30 millions of them? Like in the not very rightist People's Republic of China during the one-child policy era?
2019-02-15 21:19
United States ThisNephew 
trumptards just want to make america racist again
2019-02-15 18:38
2019-02-15 19:46
2019-02-15 20:28
2019-02-15 20:30
2019-02-15 20:31
Do you guys ever cite anything other than your talking head propagandists? Like, do you ever care to use real sources? I know you're afraid of popping your bubble from reality, but this is just embarrassing.
2019-02-15 20:38
Snowflake open your eyes
2019-02-15 20:48
do you even take the shit you say seriously
2019-02-15 20:49
So what is your issue?
2019-02-15 20:49
Europe cArn5 
hot take
2019-02-15 20:02
Trumptards ahahaha rekt lololol srumpdarpderp haahhaha
2019-02-15 21:07
United States tremm 
2019-02-15 21:14
Argentina XaiDN 
Make america rascist again? You mean more racist
2019-02-16 09:47
Other xrist 
well the want to go in back in time
2019-02-15 18:40
Why go through the trouble of drowning them when you can just shoot them? It's the U.S after all.
2019-02-15 20:10
Germany uRaguuu 
its obviously a paid actor wtf
2019-02-15 20:18
elected state official actually
2019-02-15 20:33
why is it bad to be a straight white male in murica?
2019-02-15 20:23
dont think anyone said that
2019-02-15 20:46
Then you're out of the loop lol
2019-02-15 20:50
u live under a rock
2019-02-15 21:00
White straight men have historically been superior to every minority and somehow they are seen as bad in the US? The fuck?
2019-02-15 21:29
ok who said it then ?
2019-02-16 15:04
ye but you only care about this kinda shit when your own kind does it, flooding western countries with muslims where that stuff is the norm is no problem for you and when that is pointed out you call racism
2019-02-15 20:53
You sure you aren't a Trumptard? You sure love to generalize just as much as you think they do
2019-02-15 20:52
I don't know what you're talking about, but I've posted peer reviewed studies on the mental capacities of Trump supporters and conservatives many times. My general opinion of trump supporters is backed by science.
2019-02-15 21:16
actually a good meme on hltv for once, I'll give you that. 10/10
2019-02-15 21:22
#38 #55
2019-02-15 21:31
not sure what your point is here, that a scientist can be an idiot? Or do you not understand the difference between peer reviewed science and the personal opinions of scientists?
2019-02-15 21:48
Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist's study > Unreputable stat-less, source-less "studies"
2019-02-16 00:18
wow this is actually amazing. You really have no clue how science works. Do they just not teach this in your school or what?
2019-02-16 09:42
Enough to know that listing a public journal as a source is laughably embarrassing.
2019-02-16 16:43
jesus christ you literally have no idea what you're talking about, stop humiliating yourself. I don't think I have ever talked to someone who was this confused about how science works. "Public journal" lmao wtf is wrong with you?
2019-02-16 16:45
Fantastic retort, My job here is done ;)
2019-02-16 16:47
"Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist" "public journal as a source is laughably embarrassing." "Unreputable stat-less, source-less "studies"" Autism at its finest Go back to school and learn how science works, you're the most ignorant person I've ever talked to
2019-02-16 16:50
Like how is this even possible to write "Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist" I honestly think you have a learning disability
2019-02-16 16:46
United States hhkb 
trump derangement syndrome
2019-02-15 21:47
Israel soprendo 
This has nothing to do with the republican party!
2019-02-15 22:18
United States SilveryoHD 
2019-02-15 22:21
he's a republican...
2019-02-15 22:38
Israel soprendo 
So what? That's irrelevant.
2019-02-15 22:43
what?!?! The comments of a Republican lawmaker has nothing to do with the republican party????
2019-02-15 22:45
Israel soprendo 
1 madman does not represent the entire party
2019-02-15 22:47
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
Low average education makes trump happen.
2019-02-15 22:18
United States SilveryoHD 
2019-02-15 22:21
Europe cArn5 
Well... Germany got Merkel for 14 years.
2019-02-16 15:14
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
She has a doctor in Physics. Trump? LUL He believes the weather is the same as climate
2019-02-16 15:29
Actually rekt ;D
2019-02-16 17:11
United States SilveryoHD 
what he said is terrible but no one is endorsing what he says, unlike the democrats endorsing this incident
2019-02-15 22:22
Sweden FyrusCS 
am i the only that expected a man playing a trumpet? LUL
2019-02-15 22:26
North America Techno_Lover 
trump derangement syndrome
2019-02-15 22:26
I'd rather give swimming lessons to a couple of gays than chase 25k 6 figure salary jobs out of my own congressional district but hey there must be something wrong with me
2019-02-15 22:52
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