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Major Qualifiers
flusha | 
United Kingdom meisterCD 
pretty much the reality of how far away these guys are from the top 5. Fnatic - they look terrible again, one match JW will decide he wants to AWP then he wont... its a mess G2 - team is dead, well done Shox NIP - wouldn't be surprised if they go out, team is all over the place and its showing why Lekr0 isn't an IGL. Rez was supposed to be Sweden next big star but hes been awful C9 - looked ok coming into it but haven't showed up, Zellsis finding it a lot harder now, doesnt look like its his level Vitality - fought hard to get through but I see one of the top teams running through them, I dont think they will do anything at the Major ENCE - they continue to improve, they are not expected to do much at the Major but I think they could pull out maybe one shock result. At least they are moving in right direction NRG - I think the Major could make or break this team.
2019-02-16 13:02
dycha | 
Poland TUZZA 
2019-02-16 13:03
the only teams i care about are the bottom 2. france cs has turned to a bunch of grumpy old retarded snowflakes who get offended by each other and leave their teams on a monthly basis sweden is infested with a fuckton of washed up trashy has-beens who have nothing better to do than trash talking others on twitter for having a different opinion, as well as a bunch of irrelevant "young talent" who go around undeveloped and confused amidst all FUCKING MORONIC transfers
2019-02-16 13:07
I was waiting something from G2, so sad.
2019-02-16 13:09
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