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Nip and Fnatic
Latvia KitchenApplianceCommonName 
The amount of crap decisions they both make for themselves is just fun to laugh that. - Both teams cant veto correct, even choose opponents best maps - Cant choose a decent igl (fnatic took a washed up ex player and nip just put a young talent that never igl'd) - For years refused to bring talent and stuck with a bad core (This is mostly for nip, and they still are refusing to change get right) - Both teams refuse to make a super lineup with players from both teams (This could propably save the swedish scene, but instead they believe they can make it ''work'') - Weirdest roster changes of any cs scene (the godsent swap, fnatic choosing xizt, nip choosing pyth over other up and coming talent) It feels like both of them dont even take this professional anymore, taking paychecks instead of trying to win.
2019-02-16 20:51
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