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question things?
Peru BrainWashington 
how come the new generation, doesn't question anything at all? the read in the media and they believe what they read :O as soon we dont ask questions anymore we are fucked
2019-02-16 21:10
Europe pencilvester 
wtf is this post????????????????
2019-02-16 21:12
mostly the truth when it comes to american society
2019-02-16 21:15
Europe pencilvester 
no, u questioning this post
2019-02-16 21:17
China VeryDongBeiGuy 
We didn't ask questions and now AUG is ruining major. This is what happen.
2019-02-16 21:17
Because all they want is to 'enjoy' life. And if you are quesioning the media things, then you cant enjoy the classic things which young people want, sex, drugs, money.
2019-02-16 21:20
1) social media influence, anything they read on twitter/youtube/whatever MUST be true, so you have Americans that pretend to know what is happening in another part of the world better than the people that are actually living there. 2) lower attention span
2019-02-16 21:25
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