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FURIA's explosive playstyle
Hungary DrugAddictWeasel 
someone fakes the defuse for a sec and they all rush out, interesting..
2019-02-16 22:28
Blue | 
Belgium Thotiana 
dumb af almost lost them the round
2019-02-16 22:29
annoying to watch and more annoying to play against
2019-02-16 22:30
2019-02-16 22:34
yees bro, I saw they lose a lot of rounds because of this... sometimes they don't need to pick but do
2019-02-16 22:34
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
Soon these plays will cost them.
2019-02-16 22:34
I hope so my friend
2019-02-16 22:34
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
C9 has to step up more, but well their stand-in is causing problems.
2019-02-16 22:35
Still won the round lmfao. Maybe they are trying to throw them off since every pro player just wait to peek
2019-02-16 22:35
Maybe, but it seemed so brainless just to rush to the bomb the moment they heard someone was defusing it
2019-02-16 22:39
Yeah, you could tell they kinda panicked lol
2019-02-16 22:42
they are all amazing aimers, MiBR guys teach them, GG new brazilian supreteam
2019-02-16 22:44
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