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USA Come Here
Turkey kwhrajex wtf is this? This cant be true right? I refuse to believe that. What kind of education you are getting? I mean this questions coming from a guy who is from Turkey which our education system is fucked up yet even the most retarded guy from my country can atleast show a few countries.An idiot showed russia as usa lmao.You cant even show ur own country on the map lmao
2019-02-17 03:04
United States _AN_yB_detiaB 
first of all, you're the one watching jimmey kimmel. Who should we really be laughing at here? lul
2019-02-17 03:06
Brazil xhrp 
2019-02-17 03:37
You guys say the same shit about Wall Mart, yet it's the largest 'grocery' store out there, so who are you really fooling though? :/ Honest question, not trying to be a dick.
2019-02-17 04:07
i mean i don't expect anyone outside of the united states to think any better than watching kimmel. so i'm not surprised that this is what people from other countries are getting a read off us from. but yeah, he's really not a good example.
2019-02-17 04:22
Well they are millennial, these trivia videos where they ask random people on the street questions are dumb though, you could make this video anywhere
2019-02-17 03:11
United States fatburger 
its fake/cherry picked
2019-02-17 03:10
ScreaM | 
United States FatBoi69 
+1 it wouldn't be funny if they showed the right answers. Plus if anything it shows that most Americans do know about this because we are supposed to make fun of them for being stupid.
2019-02-17 03:26
+1 no one is actually like this here
2019-02-17 03:32
United States kearCS 
Geography was never much of a topic to teach in the USA. In fact, I learned most of my geography from CS:GO and just reading google maps. Even Spanish 1 teaches more geography (SA and Central America) than elementary and middle school. History class only taught us parts of Europe, and never the new countries and borders after the World Wars. Also the older generation forget everything since they most likely lived in America their entire lives. Edit: Also, Jimmy probably hand picked the ones that gave poor results, and didn't show many of the good results. Just cherry picking.
2019-02-17 03:14
i am aware of that this is jimmy kimmel but those guys cant even show their own country on the map which far from being just a poor results imo.
2019-02-17 03:20
United States lumpy seal 
They basically go out and do this until they can find enough dumb people to put on the show. They are obviously not showing the smart or even average people.
2019-02-17 05:22
hey i often read US americans on the internet talk about the holy roman empire but barley about its successor kuk austria-hungary and prussia. does your education take out that part until "we singlehandedly won ww2"?
2019-02-17 03:54
United States kearCS 
I took World History my sophomore year of high school. We talked about the various Empires. But it was very brief, and I'm afraid that all it taught in terms of geography were the Balkans, China, Japan, and parts of Eastern and Western Europe.
2019-02-17 04:04
tarik | 
United States nikolaii 
They don’t teach that we singlehandedly won WW2. And they teach little to nothing about Austria-Hungry, the basics of Prussia (pre-Germany, Otto van Bismark, Frederick the great).
2019-02-17 05:13
Dunno about you, but I had quizzes on states + capitals of the US, countries + capitals in Europe, countries of Asia, countries of Central + South America, and countries in Africa. But I think most people in my class didn't. However, there was no geography class as you mentioned.
2019-02-17 05:22
Come to think of it, why we had those quizzes. I don't think they were even graded or anything. And it's not like I remember anything from 5th grade anyway
2019-02-17 05:25
I T S A M E M E its a late night (comedian) show
2019-02-17 03:16
We dont have geography classes. People genuinely think china is in Europe here.
2019-02-17 03:21
Germany RobiDable 
2019-02-17 04:39
Totally not edited btw
2019-02-17 03:30
I mean these people are stupid but keep in mind that they ask a ton of people these questions and then they just edit them and pick the worst ones. I'd bet anything that you'd find people like this in a country like Turkey for sure.
2019-02-17 03:39
That's just a show
2019-02-17 04:08
The entire point of the video you are watching is to entertain you. When you ask hundreds of people walking in the street geography questions randomly, you are bound to find a few that answer incorrectly. The video was also posted on HLTV a million times.
2019-02-17 04:14
California has to be the worst representation of the United States anyways. Nobody would complain if they were to secede from the country, it's just a liberal shithole with a bunch of tech companies that control the npc area of the internet.
2019-02-17 05:31
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