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There's no way he's staying in the team right? How can you justify it other than the fact that there's barely and good swedish IGL's? This loose style stopped working years ago and only works when the individuals play out of their minds. Time to pick up some real IGL and build a structure. Whats your opinion on xizt?
2019-02-17 03:30
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
So problem isnt xizt, problem is that fnatic players arent individually cabable to play like xizt would like
2019-02-17 03:33
So the problem is that the fnatic players aren't playing like some of the best individuals in the world consistently? You know that's what it takes for a team with xizt to become top tier. You can't expect players like twist and brollan to be individual gods without a system. xizt's only truly great team was NiP in 2013-14 when they had the best individuals in the world by far. xizt's style is loose, it's only effective when you have confident individuals that consistenly find impact on their own. These players need a structure and a system to become consistent so that even when the stars aren't performing at a top level they can still find impact and have something to fall back on.
2019-02-17 03:48
even with the best IGL in the world if your young stars can't get frags you're not going to win, pretty straight forward
2019-02-17 03:35
JW seems to really like Xizt, so imo: -Jumpy +Xizt -Xizt +hampus Brollan & twist are 100% going to recommend hampus, both good friends with him and he's also a free agent.
2019-02-17 03:46
there are not a lot of upcoming igls from sweden. they could go international but i dont know its hard man. BTW i remember Xizt played back in the early csgo days with karrigan together ....does karrigan speak swedish?
2019-02-17 03:38
Europe quetzalcoatl 
If they want to stay domestic the only viable option is hampus.
2019-02-17 03:38
Portugal Guihenryques 
JW deserve this result, i like him but he is too cocky
2019-02-17 03:52
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