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forsaken | 
Malta depressionfkyawl 
3. TYLOO picked Mirage 6. TYLOO banned Overpass WTF?? why are they scared to play Overpass vs G2? that could cost them. Looks like 2-0 for G2, if BnTeT doesnt go absolute ham
2019-02-17 16:59
their overpass looked very good vs c9
2019-02-17 17:01
United Arab Emirates DuncanAK 
Overpass is 2nd best map for G2 After Dust2
2019-02-17 17:07
and 2nd best map for Tyloo after inferno
2019-02-17 17:08
United Arab Emirates DuncanAK 
tyloo plays good mirage and cache also so mirage can go either way depends on how xcurrate and bntet plays but g2 showed weakness vs. the broken fnatic yesterday so tyloo counting on that mostly
2019-02-17 17:12
i would rather pick a map where they seem strong which is overpass, rather than picking a map where they studied some weakness in enemy
2019-02-17 17:16
United Arab Emirates DuncanAK 
it's working apparently g2 dominated fnatic yesterday on overpass with their aggression ..
2019-02-17 17:21
tyloo rekt c9 16-3 on overpass man, i don't see it working yet. 12-12 close game, its your map pick, u should not struggle like that if u want to win the series
2019-02-17 17:22
United Arab Emirates DuncanAK 
even on your map pick , you don't guarantee that you will dominate and get an easy kill , there are some variables that u can't predict and they won the map so no concerns or worries
2019-02-17 17:27
yeah, they stepped up in the end, but looked worrying at the start
2019-02-17 17:28
they are relying on their aim right now, could win but playing with danger for sure, could have picked overpass imo
2019-02-17 17:26
kennyS | 
Denmark dank12 
overpass is not g2's second best map
2019-02-17 17:13
United Kingdom Theriskk 
1-0 tyWOO
2019-02-17 17:27
allu | 
Indonesia KAKKIKU 
Probably tyloo just want to get some chaos in the veto
2019-02-17 17:29
contE | 
Argentina rdg138 
go BnTeT
2019-02-17 17:30
More like a 2-0 for Tyloo. G2 is trash
2019-02-17 17:31
Germany Mooriix 
TyLoo took mirage so its fine
2019-02-17 17:39
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