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G2 in 2019
Malta luzanocabbo 
G2 is such an unorganized and chaotic team , literally no structure , only relying on random plays and praying. It's sad to see what they have became , I don't see them playing with passion (maybe excepting shox) they are here just for the undeserved paychecks , I think that Happy was the one that said the french scene has no future atm , everybody is selfish , there is no teamwork and no motivation. I'm sick of G2 only picking Dust 2 , they have imo the worst map pool , they are only picking this map because its doesn't require team play , they are lazy and it pisses me off , when there are so many talents that does not get the chance to show their skills because of these old dogs that have no passion. I think for us as viewers and as fans it would be a shame for them to qualify to the legends stage , there is literally nothing to see from them. Just look how many people tune in for example when chinese teams are playing , that's because they are innovative and they know to entertain the spectators. I hope the organization is going to drop the roster and will look for other players , maybe other region. Even G2's CEO is ashamed of them.
2019-02-17 18:05
Finland dev2ce 
2019-02-17 18:06
2019-02-17 18:07
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