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Russia Gorillamasteryoda 
why is he in winstrike? He does extremely bad every match he plays in, ever since he was in gambit. Should be kicked and replaced by someone from spirit\vega
2019-02-17 20:48
because hes worldedits friend, who was invited to winstrike
2019-02-17 20:49
He had a plenty of good moments at PGL Krakow. Didn't see him since
2019-02-17 20:49
(that was almost 2 years ago)
2019-02-17 20:51
replaced by mir EZ tier 1 team
2019-02-17 20:49
mir is not leaving gambit though, salary too high, plus winstrike will probably not have enough money to buy him out
2019-02-17 20:50
that's pretty sad, because mir had ruined his career after joining gambit
2019-02-17 20:53
2019-02-17 20:53
he had nowhere else to go
2019-02-17 20:53
He could have stayed at vega and get out of the challenger stage
2019-02-21 11:14
Russia zbogus 
gambit has a better salary
2019-02-21 11:18
But in long term vega would have opened new opportunitys
2019-02-21 11:19
he has big schlonger
2019-02-17 20:49
2019-02-21 02:35
2019-02-17 20:50
True, he should be on ENCE, whom it is EZ4.
2019-02-21 02:36
DOES NOT speak finnish
2019-02-21 11:15
France p2l 
then he should learn it
2019-02-21 11:24
oh nvm XD
2019-02-21 11:15
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