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Crunchyroll Anime Awards
United States dev_number1_ce 
Anime of the Year - “Devilman Crybaby” from Science SARU Best Protagonist - Rimuru Tempest of “That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime” Best Antagonist - All for One of “My Hero Academia” Season 3 Best Boy - Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya of “My Hero Academia” Season 3 Best Girl - Mai Sakurajima of “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” Best Opening Sequence - “DARLING in the FRANXX” for the opening sequence “KISS OF DEATH” sung by Mika Nakashima and produced by Hyde, sequence director Toshifumi Akai and storyboards by Atsushi Nishigori Best Ending Sequence - “Attack on Titan” Season 3 for the ending sequence "Akatsuki no Requiem” sung by Linked Horizon, sequence director Satoshi Kadowaki Best VA: Japanese - Mamoru Miyano for his character Kotaro Tatsumi from “ZOMBIE LAND SAGA” Best VA: English - Christopher R. Sabat for his character All Might from “My Hero Academia” Season 3 Best Director - Masaaki Yuasa of “Devilman Crybaby” Best Animation - “Violet Evergarden” from Kyoto Animation Best Film - “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” from BONES Best Character Design - “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind” from Takahiro Kishida with Original Designs by Hirohiko Araki Best Fight Scene - All for One vs All Might from “My Hero Academia” Season 3 Best Continuing Series - “Dragon Ball Super” from Toei Animation What your thoughts on this?
2019-02-18 00:03
2019-02-18 00:04
Denmark Marvelw0w 
Still think there are better fight scenes and antagonists but my opinion ofc
2019-02-18 00:05
Best Fight Scene - All for One vs All Might from “My Hero Academia” Season 3 this fight was so good
2019-02-18 00:10
Netherlands Wdym_wdym 
Tbh the fighting scenes in My Hero Academia are pretty dull... altough i love the anime to bits it doesn't compare to fight scenes in anime's like Naruto/DBZ/Cowboy bebop/One piece etc...
2019-02-18 01:42
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
2019-02-18 01:00
Spain Zhalos 
Recently I've only watched Gakkou Gurashi ( I think it was released in 2018? ). Has that anime got any high rankings or...? I kinda liked it.
2019-02-18 01:02
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
There are no "rankings", they search for a group of people and make them vote for different categories and the top votes for every category go on a popularity vote, where the public votes for only one winner for category and they only release the winner of each and don't post the reslts.
2019-02-18 01:25
BnTeT | 
Germany cucKing 
that anime was 2015
2019-02-18 01:42
Best english va - who the fuck cares Slime anime is fucking boring Dragon ball super LUL so glad I pirate
2019-02-18 01:05
BnTeT | 
Germany cucKing 
aside from slime being boring i +1 everything
2019-02-18 01:44
Interesting premise but the show doesn't do anything with it Continuing series should be karakuri circus Guy from zombieland saga for best boy Also asobi asobase should have got best ed and maybe best jap va
2019-02-18 03:41
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
I agree with: Best character design Best anime of the year. Tho i had it tied with sora yori mo tooi basho. Best OP The rest is dabatable or straight up trash. Every year is the same shit BNHA winning everything is fucking retarded, and i believe deku already won best boy previous years... You think they already had the "learning experience" but no, these awards just fucking suck and don't get any better with the years.... literally lost faith at this point.
2019-02-18 01:09
stopped reading at a. i watched more than 300 anime series so far btw. anime awards are gay if its vote based. anime awards are gay in western countries. anime are inerently japanese. so japanese awards matter. cheers.
2019-02-18 01:24
United States Trump2020KAG 
Dragon ball isn’t a anime /closed
2019-02-18 01:28
thats a joker
2019-02-18 01:31
Naruto >>>>>>> all
2019-02-18 01:39
Kyoto animationnnnn
2019-02-18 10:00
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