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Pickems legends stage.
United Kingdom Lcheste3 
-Astralis: They might have lost to Liquid at iBP, but are the best team in the world so I put them at 3-0 -NRG: They have progressed a lot since fluking out of the London American Minor. However, one could argue that they are still inexperienced when it comes to the big boy events. I’d still put them to go through purely through Brehze’s and Ethan’s firepower. -MiBr: Pretty tricky one, seems as we haven’t seen them play with this new (old!) roster. Taco should surely help out more as the team might appreciate what he does more. Also Felps got some quality experience that should develop him into a star on this team. Even with BOT fer, I would put MiBr going through. -Navi: S1mple (and electronic) so EZ -Team Liquid: Adding Stewie made them better it seems (they beat Astralis finally) so I would put these as going through, maybe even at 3-0. -Cloud 9 4 major winners. Plus they are the team I support so putting them as my pickem makes it easier to support them. -Faze Clan: Don’t know why people have lost all confidence in Faze clan, they still have an absolutely fucking legendary roster. Plus, this is the legends stage, so NiKo won’t choke until later on in the tournament. -Renegades: They got 3-0 at the challengers stage, and in my opinion they are better (along with C9 and NRG) than BIG, HR and Complexity. I would like to see them make it to top 8 because its nice to see a pretty closed off scene suceed (China numba wan!) so I would put them as going through. Honourable mentions: -You could argue BIG have a chance at going through, but surely dropping the best player in the world this close to the major will worsen them a bit. Maybe if Xantares and Tabsen both show up they will get through. -ENCE could also have a chance. Also it would make the meme even more sweet. Like Renegades, in my opinion its really nice to see more scenes emerge with different playstyles that mix things up a but. -0-3: Complexity Complexity gaming will not win a game in the Legends stage. Their success at London was a complete fluke and changing the roster does not look to have helped. If Complexity get through to the top 8 I will post a video on HLTV of me eating shit.
2019-02-18 01:57
Hungary Frake 
Can you tell me your thoughts on G2 and Vitality?
2019-02-18 20:22
i have 3-0 nrg 0-3 big (probably gonna change tho) ast liquid faze navi ence hr mibr this major is rly hard to determine cuz we have so many lineups we havent really seen on the big stage yet (avangar, vitality, new g2, new rng, new mibr, faze with adren, new big, etc.)
2019-02-18 20:28
United States Freakmode 
2019-02-18 20:28
United States Gonff 
My early picks pending reevaluation after the seeding is released 3-0 Navi 0-3 Complexity NRG Renegades MIBR Liquid Astralis FAZE Vitality or Hellraisers or AVANGAR NRG and Renegades looked very strong in the last stage. Carmac tweeted that he was hearing rumors that MIBR is looking strong in scrims. Liquid and Astralis have excellent practice regimens/experience and will show up prepared. FaZe will be reinvigorated with their new coach, and AdreN will be at his best to earn a permanent spot. My last slot is a toss up between Vitality/Hellraisers/AVANGAR. I threw in Vitality at the end because I think Zywoo can hard carry over some unprepared teams. I actually doubt that Navi will make it through to the playoffs. I put Navi as my 3-0 so I don't miss out on points for Astralis/Liquid/NRG moving on 3-1 instead of 3-0. There are rumors of strife and lack of practice in Navi, which means they could just as easily bomb out 0-3 as they could advance. I'm willing to throw away my 3-0 pick on a shaky Navi team to go 8/9 on the rest of my picks. Complexity is easily the weakest team based on recent performance. They will go 0-3. ENCE looked good last stage but Allu went home to be with his newborn so ENCE's preparation for the next stage will be impaired. I think that will cause ENCE to miss the next round. I also think BIG's recent changes will keep them from moving on. NIP, G2, and C9 all looked very shaky in the last round. I think they will be exposed by better teams and will miss the playoffs. That leaves us with Vitality, Hellraisers, and AVANGAR competing for the last spot in my Pick'Em. As discussed above, I lean towards Vitality out of those three teams anticipating a godlike performance from Zywoo.
2019-02-18 20:56
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