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China Slasher8888 
One takeaway i had from this major so far, is that i was wrong about Kenny. I always thought he was overrated due to his poor performance at london last year, but watching the tyloo g2 game live, i think i was wrong about that. KennyS is a great player, i was wrong about him being overrated .
2019-02-18 05:33
as long as you still understand that shox is bad its all good
2019-02-18 05:34
why is shox bad again?
2019-02-18 05:41
China Slasher8888 
dunno, don't follow the french scene :/
2019-02-18 06:38
>shox is bad >shox highest rating vs fnatic while in game leading. Pick one.
2019-02-18 08:08
> shox has built awful teams for the last few years, he is an average igl. igl has effected his performance as a player. > Have 1 good game pick one.
2019-02-18 08:10
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
He has a 1.21 rating across 8 maps so far, the highest one on g2 by a decent margin + igl. Not quite 1 good map now is it eh
2019-02-18 08:13
2019-02-18 08:17
who watches g2 games
2019-02-18 08:22
You should not talk about something You don't know, then.
2019-02-18 08:25
Dropping down from top 5 player to outside of top 20 after becoming igl shows a lot
2019-02-18 08:28
Shows the same thing f0rest, get_right, and olof show, other players rise.
2019-02-18 10:50
shows the show the same thing show, rise players!
2019-02-18 11:00
2019-02-18 11:26
Bosnia and Herzegovina aynzz 
can you even stream a csgo game in kyrgyzyzuzustan
2019-02-18 08:26
no clue
2019-02-18 08:28
nice self disqualification bro
2019-02-18 10:41
you probably cant watch anything at all >kyrgyzstan >good internet pick 1
2019-02-18 11:27
good internet
2019-02-18 11:36
2019-02-18 12:16
France FrighTyyy 
2019-02-18 08:23
that kinda just proves his point that shox has gathered a shit team, except for kenny ofc. Shox was previously considered an almost permanent top3 player in the world. He is average as igl and it affects his fragging too. Think he might just be washed up at this point.
2019-02-18 11:30
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
He isnt washed up that is for sure, also this team wasnt even gathered by him and the roster was made by malek and ocelote, they also "forced" shox to igl again ( there is no other option ) while shox said that he isnt cut for leading vocally on social media when the superteam was collapsing. So it isnt him gathering shit teams. Yeah you're right shox massively dropped off when he took a more micromanaging and gard igl role in 2017 with the superteam g2. His hand injury might have played a part jn it too, he stated that he had awful pains at some times. He already dropped off like the second the roster was made while he was dominqting in the previous g2 so his dropoff cant be due to him being washed up. Even right now he isnt setting himself up and playing the support on both at and CT but he is fucking getting away with it simply by winning unfavorable duels with his suberb skill. I strongly believe that with the right support and igl for him he can be top1. He is the 3rd greatest cs player of all time, an untral talent and is "only" 26 afterall, it isnt too late He looked as sharp as ever the last 2 bo3's :)
2019-02-18 17:06
he didnt build awful teams french scene is not the same like sweden and polish, Krimz is a monster and fnatic are not the same, they will never be, times changes, and shox got injury too, sometimes its hard and shox takes a hard role IGL, with a nice firepower in team and a decent igl shox could be great again and we all know that
2019-02-18 08:22
When he tries to build a team with his boyfriend smithz over and over again, adding players like ex6 who hasn't been able to perform for years at top levels. Vitality has a better chance to be the best french team at the moment, even thought G2 core is better.
2019-02-18 08:24
Men but ex6 is IGL shox is wasting his talent being IGL thats my opinion
2019-02-18 10:49
ex6 is shit, shox is shit igl. 1+1 is not that hard
2019-02-18 10:50
+1 Vitality > g2
2019-02-18 11:31
You should learn to use the "pick one" meme bro
2019-02-18 10:49
You should teach me
2019-02-18 10:49
If you "pick one", the other option is automatically not true. So if I pick that he is an average igl, that means he had no good game and if I pick that he had a good game (which is true), that means he hadn't built awful teams and he isn't an average igl.
2019-02-18 10:51
> 1 > 2 pick one
2019-02-18 11:01
2019-02-18 05:42
Turkey Rtax 
kennys in 2k19 lul
2019-02-18 05:43
KennyS > xantares
2019-02-18 06:52
2019-02-18 08:19
United States darth_mac 
2019-02-18 08:32
Last time they've met, online god xantares demolished the whole g2 team.
2019-02-18 10:47
2019-02-18 11:30
Unless he can show up consistently on lan, he cant be top 5.
2019-02-18 11:31
Online ? You care about online ? XD
2019-02-18 12:51
nope but they've did not meet in lan recently
2019-02-18 22:10
ngiN | 
Azerbaijan JWD 
calyx > kennys
2019-02-18 14:24
He finally looked good again,I hope he will do the same in the real major
2019-02-18 08:16
China Slasher8888 
i know, the flicks and reaction speed are amazing. Still salty over the loss so i'll only wish them the best :(.
2019-02-20 04:24
last major problem is they have a BOT smithzz
2019-02-18 08:20
China Slasher8888 
yo les noobs
2019-02-20 04:28
kennyS | 
Luxembourg xyce 
I was very upset about his and g2's performance at the beginning but they managed to get through and kenny shined again
2019-02-18 08:21
he was looking better but still felt like he got away with a lot of mistakes with luck/lesser opponents, clutch on d2 vintage material th0. hope he keeps improving as the tournamet progresses
2019-02-18 12:19
allu | 
Indonesia KAKKIKU 
he has the most annoying prefire with awp ever. his reaction when he peeks is on another level
2019-02-18 08:27
Imagine if AWP never got nerf
2019-02-18 10:47
France Zangtar 
France 6 majors
2019-02-18 11:23
France Urzqor 
2019-02-18 11:34
Maybe he will rape guardian and device ass everyday
2019-02-18 14:14
kennyS got motivation finally and i am happy :D
2019-02-18 10:54
Yeah it's been a while
2019-02-18 11:21
France Urzqor 
It feels like G2 are finally enjoying themselves
2019-02-18 11:35
Xyp9x | 
Kazakhstan tomik0 
china numba wan still
2019-02-18 11:28
China Slasher8888 
lmao XD
2019-02-20 04:26
he is quicker than any other awper. miles ahead of guardian if he is motivated and on fire.
2019-02-18 12:55
ZywOo | 
France bjjthibz 
"I always thought he was overrated due to his poor performance at london last year" You said it all ...
2019-02-18 17:10
China Slasher8888 
can't tell if that's a critic or a compliment but thatnks anyways.
2019-02-20 04:25
Has kennys resinged his contract? If not is he a free agent after major?
2019-02-20 05:51
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