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Berlin Major qualifier
Someone wants to create a team with me and play against mouz in the open qualifier? Xaxaxaxaxa
2019-02-18 11:39
against who?
2019-02-18 11:39
2019-02-18 11:41
idk who is this
2019-02-18 11:44
2019-02-18 11:39
2019-02-18 11:39
Sweden Lagge15 
Nah. I don't wanna win against some of the best players in the world just because of a shitty IGL and coach (Fnatic).
2019-02-18 11:41
From 3x major winner to open qualifier, F
2019-02-18 11:42
Sweden Lagge15 
The team has a total of 6 majors or something.
2019-02-18 11:45
mouz probably invited to closed qualifier anyway, seems low chance for us to make it vs them : (
2019-02-18 11:45
EU closed qualifier stacked AF again
2019-02-18 11:48
More EU slots pls, actually sad to watch some teams in the major who would get 16-0'd by mouz
2019-02-18 11:52
I mean CIS and asia strong aswell but mainly because of aug I would love to have eu and CIS minor combined
2019-02-18 11:53
Every minor combined with balanced groups like 2 teams from every region in one group, I mean every region is on lan anyways at the time
2019-02-18 11:55
Forgot that there are invites, F
2019-02-18 11:51
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