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Will they advance or not?
2019-02-18 13:29
2019-02-18 13:30
With adren it's impossible tbh
2019-02-18 13:31
wtf? they're much more solid with AdreN. Problem is the T-Side is still shaky. But CT they have one of the best. AdreN is solid and intelligent holder, much better than karrigan also aimwise and game-sense wise. Now its up to NiKo and YNk to sort the strats so they can be successful
2019-02-18 13:34
GuardiaN | 
United Kingdom Bern1e 
Of course they will lol, top 4 minimum imo. None of the teams from the minor will beat a team like navi faze astalis or liquid.
2019-02-18 13:32
Flair checks out
2019-02-18 13:34
But they're not in a good shape at the moment. Fnatic used to be one of the top teams as well. So is mousesports.
2019-02-18 13:35
Na'Vi lineup is dead. They could be absolute shite. FaZe starts to feel kinda washed up tbh. Still think they get trough atleast.
2019-02-18 13:35
Navi are okay, they deffo need a new igl, Zeus has given up. Which is a shame as he really improved his personal skill this year. Faze are fine too. ngl guys but if i was to make a team for me to go to the major with im pretty sure, niko guardian and olof would be on most peoples teams, Obvs simple too.,
2019-02-18 13:41
Ukraine SLGay 
So funny to hear about navi’s lineup being dead lol See ya after they win major Also they disband after that
2019-02-18 13:43
Iceland siggisato 
but remember they won the eleague invitational against cloud9 wich had a coach at the time wich they dont now and they won big and they won complex wich is pretty shit ill say but cloud9 and big wich are not bad teams and then im talking about with coach cloud9 with rambo behind them so ill give them that there prob going through
2019-02-18 13:50
United States Trump2020KAG 
2019-02-18 13:32
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
Yes but probably out in quarterfinals
2019-02-18 13:36
CIS maksezdraft14 
yeh they did
2019-02-18 13:36
GuardiaN | 
Slovakia Ajko 
yes man
2019-02-18 13:36
Just had a bootcamp. Here's hoping they get top 8 :)
2019-02-18 13:38
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
100% they will
2019-02-18 13:39
depends upon their t side , unless somebody goes nuts , they don't have any great strats or mid round calls. When is Faze gonna realize Niko is not an IGL. :(
2019-02-18 13:41
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
How can you know this?
2019-02-18 13:44
Adren is better than karrigan but without him they sucks at strats
2019-02-18 13:51
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
They will probably advance.
2019-02-18 13:52
Slovakia NiKohater1337 
With noob NiKo they will never advance
2019-02-18 13:54
food | 
Russia Boombla 
I have them on 3/0 😎😎😎
2019-02-18 13:56
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