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Sex is overrated by virgins
India VeryHindustaniGuy 
2019-02-18 20:38
aizy | 
Denmark FrankOcean 
if someone has never done it. Yes
2019-02-18 20:39
cry cause virgin?
2019-02-18 20:39
2019-02-19 07:14
Europe Cirro 
Sex is best way of orgasm but orgasm in it self is overrated
2019-02-18 20:47
i think nowadays sex is used like a drug, u feel lonely u feel desperate u feel bored u want to blow off some steam u have sex. its sad when i see the young generation girls fuck around with 14 - 15 years
2019-02-18 20:49
ehh just jack off its the same
2019-02-18 20:50
not even close :D
2019-02-18 20:54
You feel craving for sex? Go jack off and then see if you have the same feeling. An orgasm is essentially the same whether someone give a hj bj, pussy or if you jack off.
2019-02-18 20:58
+1 !!!!
2019-02-18 20:56
Switzerland crustclot 
Its overrated by virgins and its just normal for us not virgins, so yes you are right my curry friend
2019-02-18 20:50
I think yes...cause virgins just watch porn and then they found out its not that good as they expected. I am virgin but ik porn is goddamn fake..Who agrees?
2019-02-18 20:50
Switzerland crustclot 
i overrated it myself until i had sex so yes partially true but its still amazing
2019-02-18 20:52
Brazil hugoooo 
What do you mean by fake?
2019-02-18 20:58
Europe _jUNGLE 
not every girl is a fit curvy sexbomb, that will insta blow you even before undressing in fact it's vice versa
2019-02-18 21:03
idk exactly,but for example they last for too long,all that positions,fake orgasm by women...
2019-02-18 21:08
Brazil hugoooo 
Well, they last long because they use things to last long, anyone can buy... some others really last long naturally. The positions are real, I mean, they are not CG, they are real people used to fuck in different positions. It's experience and practice.
2019-02-19 07:11
Germany hmmhmmhmmm 
not in india, hence your enormous population
2019-02-18 20:53
Sex is overrated by people who had only that and nothing else.
2019-02-18 20:55
real sex is really rare nowadays like where u really spark a connection between eachother its almost magical and spiritual u dont think u just enjoy every moment. if u have this kind of sex u will never want normal sex.
2019-02-18 20:55
Norway Bellai 
'tfuckkkk are you talking about dude
2019-02-18 21:03
Europe _jUNGLE 
prison sex in male camp x)
2019-02-18 21:05
well once u find out u will know what im talkin about :D
2019-02-18 21:31
Xyp9x | 
Cyprus Xeeh 
2019-02-19 07:16
Only 20 iq persons dreams sex.
2019-02-18 21:04
flusha | 
Germany Kupferr 
Kinda.. The thing is that having sex with some random girl/guy you don't really care about isn't really fun at all - At least in my opinion.
2019-02-19 07:17
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