he really laid into that dude lol
2019-02-18 21:33
SPUNJ in 2019
2019-02-18 21:35
Norway rogueplayer 
Is . . . is he our god? The very embodiment of HLTV mind?!
2019-02-18 21:35
k0nfig | 
Germany Trax_ 
He's got his period for sure man ahaha
2019-02-18 21:35
Austria Megrr 
who was he talking to? I missed this part
2019-02-18 21:55
A random guy from chat
2019-02-18 22:08
shox | 
Romania frosty0 
a c9 fanboy saying "you/we should not sleep on c9" and spunj roasts him cuz c9 is absoulte dogshit.
2019-02-18 22:23
I am always rooting for NA teams, I see C9 as the weakest one and by far. They will not make it unless the match ups and map picks go their way every single time. We shall see though
2019-02-18 22:25
Poland Kain_aj 
So basically he's speaking the truth
2019-02-18 21:57
im always curious how they do it, you're around 30-40 and you take serious sth such as a counter-strike, the game mostly for kids
2019-02-18 22:00
he makes money and have fun
2019-02-18 22:09
World bigb1rd 
What the fuck are you on about? Half the top players nowadays are 25+ and there are many casters, coaches and analysts in the scene in their 30s etc. And can you guess why? Can ya? Because there's fucking loads of money in CSGO. I'd bet money every caster at top events is earning a shit tonne more than you will be any time soon. Whilst also travelling, meeting loads of people and doing something they love. Sounds great to me.
2019-02-18 22:16
Are you 10iq? im obviously not talking about someone who is making sick amount of money on it but spunj who is making shit casts from time to time and he isnt considered as any kind of a legend or respectable, veteran player, he is still very serious about it, also if you wouldnt be a kid you would know that big money in cs started in past years so before they were not earning anything good for sure
2019-02-18 22:24
"Making shit casts from time to time" Because he's not a commentator, he's an analyst. He is forced to cast from time to time because the real casters need a break after casting a bunch of games. "he isnt considered as any kind of a legend or respectable, veteran player" Sure, he doesn't have that similar status as an IGL like Fallen, Gla1ve and those guys, but his game knowledge is respectable; that's why he's one the best analysts in the world. He is also a veteran player, but his native region has always been quite poor in terms of professional esports. "you take serious sth such as a counter-strike" So what? He loves the game he's been playing since childhood. Making a living out of something you love to do sounds pretty fucking nice to me.
2019-02-18 22:56
World bigb1rd 
- i'd bet money I'm older than you, kid. - what the fuck are you doing on here if you don't take CS seriously? - spunj is a great contributer to the scene in many ways and I can guarantee he's earning plenty of money from CS. - you're a fucking cunt
2019-02-18 23:05
'-what the fuck are you doing on here if you don't take CS seriously?' Do i have to take everything super serious? its a computer game dude, i have more things to focus on than a fucking game, if you're sure you're older than me and you act like a complete retard then i feel bad for you, bye
2019-02-18 23:29
United States Samsquanch_ 
Kids? 98% of the scene that matters is 18+ Just because you and all your friends are 8, doesn’t mean everyone who watches is. Enjoy aw tism, it gets better
2019-02-18 22:21
98% of the scene? i obviously mean cs community, not players >2018 account >talking to me about being kid lol
2019-02-18 22:25
Monkey | 
Brazil g8Q0wHY 
a lot of kids play and watch football aswell
2019-02-18 22:26
Its true sport in real life where you need physical strength and many more aspects, not some nerd game
2019-02-18 22:28
Monkey | 
Brazil g8Q0wHY 
wat y doink on hltv
2019-02-18 22:28
occasionally baiting and betting matches
2019-02-18 22:33
He is right, that's the reason why i didn't pick them in my pick'em.
2019-02-18 22:00
Spain JasonRacism 
He is right
2019-02-18 22:07
Wow...that frustration level being directed at something random, nice life. Striker I can see your skeleton
2019-02-18 22:08
RpK | 
France Medeilos 
full clip?
2019-02-18 22:08
Czech Republic Pee_Tea 
You gotta love SPUNJ <3
2019-02-18 22:16
Portugal Antzrede 
2019-02-18 22:20
i don't even care if he's right or not.. goodbye career..
2019-02-18 22:28
Czech Republic _s0 
hes right c9 is awful
2019-02-18 22:42
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