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CSGO pro's using Ryzen cpu?
Turkey mertEx 
hey guys, does anyone know which pro players are using Ryzen systems? i know that Intel kinda works better on CSGO but i dont need more then 300 fps. i just need stable fps around 300, and Ryzen processors and attachements seems like a lot cheaper where i am then Intel. i was wondering if Ryzen is good for CSGO or is Intel just way way better. but most importantly which pro's use Ryzen also which members on HLTV do use Ryzen with CSGO and which settings/resolution/videosettings do you use?
2019-02-18 23:03
skill > 300 fps
2019-02-18 23:04
China maybe_banned 
I dont even get 300 fps on ryzen lol I used to have 400 when i first got it, idk what happened but now i get like 150-250
2019-02-18 23:06
Spain lxz3 
Dont buy that for CSGO
2019-02-18 23:09
GuardiaN | 
Brazil mefxes 
I have 300 fps stable using a more than 10 years old Core I7 980X and even today AMD cpus can't deliver the same. Good job, AMD.
2019-02-18 23:09
kennyS | 
Singapore _d0nut 
you need decent gpu also, i7 980x will perform same as ryzen 5 2600 if both are running something like gtx 1060 at 1024 x 768 all lowest. if you upgrade to maybe something stupid like 3840 x 2160 with gtx 1080 or higher then there will be big differences between the two cpus(not too big though, clock speeds on ryzen are lacking so far)
2019-02-18 23:17
You got it backwards. When you increase resolution, GPU gets more load and becomes the bottlenecking piece. So for low resolutions CPU is more important than GPU and for higher resolutions it switches places. Your cpu performance doesn't change when you change resolution. If you push to 4k and high settings on AAA games, lets say your gpu can ouput 60 fps and processor still can run 150 fps and all you get is 60.
2019-02-20 18:37
Nt retard. I have 1700x and get more then 300fps
2019-02-18 23:29
That's nice, you deserve a lollipop
2019-02-19 02:58
cunten | 
Albania skidmark 
have a 2600x and get 250-300 usually maybe just wait for gen 3 ryzen?
2019-02-18 23:10
I have the 7 1700 and get max 320. Stable at around 240 on older maps (cache, train) but around 180 on nuke, inferno
2019-02-18 23:11
kennyS | 
Singapore _d0nut 
depends on what cpus you are comparing. 2200g is better cpu than i3 9100/8100(not counting igpu). ryzen 5 2600 is mostly on par with i5-8400, slightly worse than 9400. ryzen 7 2700x is definitely worse at gaming n than 8700k/9700k/9900k, but my friend who uses 1070ti annd 2700x can get 400-500fps constant at 1080p high ii have another friend using r5 2600 and 1070ti, they get 250-350fps at 1080p max settings. If you want good fps, just get either ryzen 5 2600x or ryzen 7 2700x. make sure your gpu is decent too
2019-02-18 23:13
cunten | 
Albania skidmark 
can confirm also use 1070ti with my 2600x and get 250-350 just so u know what gpu its paired with
2019-02-18 23:15
Same here with a Vega 56
2019-02-22 11:06
250-300 on all maps ez with ryzen 5 2600 and rx 590
2019-02-18 23:18
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
Pros don't use ryzen
2019-02-18 23:19
Maybe Fnatic
2019-02-22 11:06
Portugal inm8 
I think all of them use Intel.
2019-02-18 23:34
i really wonder if any pro have ryzen
2019-02-19 05:40
India volt_vipin 
I have Ryzen 7 2700X , and RTX 2080 , 16GB Ram. I get stable 300FPS on maxed outing settings @1080p
2019-02-19 05:46
D0cC | 
Netherlands JimboR 
Maybe the fnatic guys, because they are sponsored by AMD
2019-02-19 08:14
Intel is and always will be BETTER than AMD do not buy AMD trash.
2019-02-22 11:08
Lmao you are retarded, ryzen 2600 costs 160€ and performs better than any intel cpu at that price point at any task. Also ryzens perform better than intel cpus at anything that is not gaming like streaming and video rendering.
2019-02-22 15:23
bumps any pro's!??!
2019-02-27 13:22
chrisJ | 
Serbia Nidzex 
I have ryzen 7 2700x ez >300fps . And samsung m2 evo is a must :D
2019-03-07 20:53
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