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most ez 9/9 legend pickem in life?!?!!?
Thorin | 
United Kingdom aveepy 
I got 8/9 challengers stage btw. 3-0 Vitality - wild card team Advance FaZe - they looked good at eleague invitational, adren bringing new life and confidence for the boys Liquid - so ez for stew and others Astralis - no explanation needed Big - strong team, even with nex underperforming. Xantares has good rating on lan, he can show up. Gob b also has 500iq. And btw internal issues are gone since smooya is gone. Mibr - bra71l (jk) main strong core is back. Tbh it’s ez for them Nrg - lots of confidence coming into the legends stage (because of 3-0 challengers stage) brehze looking good. Strong pick tbh Navi - yes blah blah zeus bad internal issues etc etc. But ppl are forgetting GOD s1mple, I mean cmon, he’s the best player in the world atm. I don’t see navi not advancing 0-3 Complexity - shazahm is only good at laughing, yay is gone, n0thing can’t carry them even though he’s a legend. ADDITIONAL NOTES Ence - they are not gonna advance you idiots. Allu is missing out on crucial time for practise. Also he has BOT Allu potential. Why tf would you pick ence Avangar - no, they don’t know what it’s like to play against the big boys (same with ence tbh, they had ez challengers path) C9 - OMEGALUL to the ppl who picked c9 to advance, yes flushamad maybe good, kio also. But remember. They lost 16-3 to tylul and also lost to vici I think? Also zellsis no experience vs alpha men e.g olofmeister and mr glaive ETC Nip - bots in pyjamas. Lost vs noobstrike, and they are doing 0iq map picks. Bot Rez also. Rip nip. Renegades - they are not making it through (sorry) Hellraisers - choking as of recent, lost vs g2 etc. G2 - no
2019-02-18 23:49
Brazil user2740 
i just want the explanation for g2 (and renegades)
2019-02-18 23:51
G2 barely won against fnatic... That says alot.
2019-02-19 00:00
Japan Cute_Loli 
Renegades most consistent team rn and you think they wont advance xD
2019-02-19 00:15
Jes lehk i syed reyneg3yds barely wojn over fanatisk
2019-02-19 06:24
United States USAnumberone 
decent pics but mine better
2019-02-18 23:56
Russia sanyabondarev 
Why you didn't peek liquid as 3-0 team?
2019-02-19 00:00
never pick a favorite teams as 3-0. just pick them advance.
2019-02-19 06:46
Russia sanyabondarev 
i think liquid can easily get 3-0 because they won`t meet astralis in the group stage as i think they can beat all other teams instead of astralis in this group stage So why you don`t have to peek them 3-0?
2019-02-19 12:52
Honestly renegades will somehow sneak through
2019-02-19 00:02
Slovakia t4gg3d 
AVANGAR have experience against top tier teams, check Boston 2018
2019-02-19 00:13
Finland SunnyGod 
Just a note, allu didnt miss much, bcause they had day off anyways (like most teams) and he was back in kato early monday morning
2019-02-19 00:15
I really think you have an incorrect assessment of FaZe, they have actually been really poor, and that eleague tournament was really bad for them. They didn’t look good at all. However they should still qualify, especially with all this time for them to practice and for YNk to enforce his coaching tactics and so on.
2019-02-19 00:26
İ think Vitality can't go 3-0 i agree ohters
2019-02-19 01:04
vitality 3-0 = bullshit overrated like 12 from 10 G2 > BIG anyday anytime with other i agree
2019-02-19 01:10
suNny | 
Iceland RTXs 
He chose vita to go 3-0 so he can get the team going throught correct and not waste 1 easy point on it
2019-02-19 01:18
just kek'ed from this decision vita is so overrated...they were destroyed even by g2 in WESG quals HR, Renegades, G2, Ence(if not choking on t side like they do at this major) >>>>>>>>> by far better then Vitality
2019-02-19 01:17
suNny | 
Iceland RTXs 
Dont think G2 but otherwise i totally agree with you
2019-02-19 01:18
if they will fix mirage/overpass they can qual if not = gg cuz G2 can play atm: inferno, dust2, cache, nuke. any team from legends stage can beat them on mirage/overpass(i doubt BIG cause its was their 1rst ban before xantares joined them)
2019-02-19 01:23
Europe god_of_hltv G2 > BIG I aren’t think that
2019-02-19 06:42
suNny | 
Iceland RTXs 
Ence is better than bug any time also ence 3-0 rather than vita
2019-02-19 01:16
Europe DiVbAnG 
i have the same but big is my 3-0 instead of vitality.
2019-02-19 01:24
Astralis 3-0
2019-02-19 06:32
Screw BIG lol You're not the OG if you're underrating THE BOYS
2019-02-19 06:41
Finland NUCL3AR 
Rip ur pick ems
2019-02-19 06:55
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