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USA’s biggest problem
Norway bruhfessor 
Is their political system. When they have only two partirs fighting each other nothing gets ever done, and if it does it gets overruled next term. Also this polarizes the country, while if there was say 5 big parties it wouldnt be such a big thing to be a republican or democrat. For example, 5 billion for wall is nothing in a country with population of 330million people. Jeff Besos could fund that amount alone like 25 times and still have billions to spare. Yet, thats causing government shutdowns and whatever due to political powerplay from both sides and nothing else.
2019-02-19 02:52
Other xrist 
multi-party system > usa system
2019-02-19 02:54
Any democratic system >>> USA system
2019-02-19 03:14
United States kearCS 
Cool beans
2019-02-19 02:54
I agree, James Madison wanted a "market of ideas", where everyone of any group could present their ideas. Works on a small scale, doesn't work on a large scale with 50 states. Outlook was very promising though, if America gets past this polarization then it could become a tier 1 country.
2019-02-19 02:55
yes, many people in the US have criticized the 2 party system. right now it is set up in a way that makes it difficult for candidates from other parties to break into contention. The 3rd party candidate has to poll 15 percent or more in at least three sanctioned polls to qualify for the presidential debates. most americans identify with republican or democrat so strongly that they don't even bother to learn about these other candidates or consider voting for them, so it has been seemingly insurmountable for one of them to consistently poll at 15 percent. a 3rd party candidate would have to get over 5 percent of the popular vote in order for their party to be eligible for public funding during the next election cycle. that would be a big deal and would do a lot towards getting candidates from another party some name recognition but that hasn't happened since 1996
2019-02-19 03:13
2019-02-19 03:11
Greenland HLTV_LGBT 
because it is do nald tramp VS obama... black vs white... ofc who you think winnes?
2019-02-19 03:15
United States lumpy seal 
Obama already passed the two term limit and could no longer run for office.
2019-02-19 03:24
Greenland HLTV_LGBT 
2019-02-19 03:26
Better than all of the parliament fragmentation in Europe where it takes like 6 months to form a government and there is a bunch of fringe parties
2019-02-19 03:17
United States sushiisdank 
2019-02-19 03:21
USA biggest problem is when EU citizens think they know better while their countries go to shit article 13 for examle. stfu and worry about your own
2019-02-19 03:24
I mean it is somewhat accurate but it's more corruption than just the 2 parties
2019-02-19 03:28
2019-02-19 03:30
Brazil DeusBiel 
Brazil has tons o political parties and even so, most people are polarized towards extreme right or extreme left, I can't explain more because I don't understand that much
2019-02-19 03:27
The 2 party system is flawed but in the past for our country it worked better than modern times because they worked out compromises and weren't complete idiots. The biggest issue in reality is corruption in the government. It's absolutely fucked with the amount of money they get from people who want something and nobody does anything about it because they don't give a shit about the people in poverty. If the corruption was gone we could see the 2 parties heal the gap a bit and if they actually talked out compromises and didn't do things just to fuck over the other party then the US could actually be that dumbass "land of opportunity" myth that other countries in massive poverty have. I'm only 16 and I can see this. That is truly how fucked our system has gotten with corruption. Granted our country is still in a better state than most but the fact is we have such a high ceiling of where we could be if our elected people actually did their job right.
2019-02-19 03:27
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