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brain fog and depression
device | 
Latvia HamburgsHamburger 
i think long term depression fucked up my brain real hard, it's hard for me to concentrate and my mind is not as clear as it used to be. so yeah boys, stop being depressed while it's not too late or you will end up like this ^.^
2019-02-19 03:51
Depressed from too many russian in riga
2019-02-19 03:52
one of the reasons why it all started for me tbh early teenage yrs got bullied in school full of russians for being latvian, emo fag etc ;D
2019-02-19 03:56
That's why you move to Valmiera or near Lithuania border
2019-02-19 04:08
don't care anymore, + most russian city in latvia is near lithuania borded :/
2019-02-19 04:12
Argentina ivanpb 
gtfo emo fag
2019-02-19 04:27
not rly from Birzai going west to sea it's Balt territory on LV side, and their language is influenced by Lithuania. Daugavpils yes its russia
2019-02-19 04:28
SS | 
Japan NotTrik 
Depression has been so romanticized in modern western culture. It is actually very disturbing.
2019-02-19 03:52
i agree
2019-02-19 03:57
2019-02-19 04:02
stay cool man, things will get better.. you are bigger then all that shit what happens.
2019-02-19 04:41
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