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Team ranking of February
s1mple | 
Other Insertrandomname 
Can anyone explain NiP jumping 8 spots?
2019-02-19 04:34
Finland SunnyGod 
Nip magic
2019-02-19 04:38
Ranking rn is a big joke
2019-02-19 04:38
It really is NiP didn't even do good in this stage..
2019-02-19 04:41
France PowwneD 
Many teams around 200-250 so they didn't need that much point to grab many ranks
2019-02-19 07:39
nitr0 | 
United States McKillins 
Taking part in the Minor, top teams not doing anything.
2019-02-19 04:38
G2 did that aswell but they only got only 2 spots up (Talking about g2 bc they're very low on ranking so its easy to jump to higher spots)
2019-02-19 04:40
nitr0 | 
United States McKillins 
NIP was higher already so were able to go higher, and G2 made changes to their lineup then didn't take part in many tourneys before the player break.
2019-02-19 04:43
What? It should be hard to get higher if you're at top bro. Even if I use your logic than ence should jump 10 spots and become No. 1 team then
2019-02-19 06:35
walle | 
Australia sini_ 
No ENCE lost to RNG my dude.
2019-02-19 06:41
So did NiP? And to fucking WINSTRIKE as well.
2019-02-19 06:49
Just look at the point differential between the top 5 and then everyone else. Its low. Stop freaking out, use your brain, and know that it will fix itself after the major.
2019-02-19 07:34
Also g2 played much better teams than NiP did.
2019-02-19 04:42
2019-02-19 06:19
I think HLTV has a crush on NIP, back in 17' when they won oakland, im pretty sure they magically came outta nowhere and became 4th, then their original form came back and they've been falling since, now that they managed through the challengers while losing to winstrike and renegades, they somehow jump ahead of renegades, who went 3-0, a real fucking mystery
2019-02-19 06:44
Surely has to be some biased reason bc this is dumb af dude.
2019-02-19 06:50
The excuse for faze when they bombed out of IBP masters was that other teams were inactive both nip and renegades played the challenger renegades was above b4 renegades 3-0 beating nip nip 3-2 losing to winstrike nip jumps above renegades wtf??!?!?!?
2019-02-19 06:51
I think mostly cuz before this week they got 0 points in form ranking for having no games played last 2 months, now they played and won like 5 maps, it was big boost for them, other teams already had games so it was much less boost as in form ranking important thing is not only amount of games.
2019-02-19 06:56
The most overrated team in the scene
2019-02-19 06:54
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