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NRG 4th
Xyp9x | 
Denmark mynameisligma 
why the fuck is this team 4th in the world just tell me why thay fkn lost to ghost not long ago hltv so fkn broke
2019-02-19 17:39
Romania jDT 
points from t2 t3 events...
2019-02-19 17:40
xaN | 
France TARES 
+1. They almost never win against tier 1 teams so being ranked #4 is a joke
2019-02-19 17:42
Because other teams havent played yet Wait till after major and everything should be at the right place
2019-02-19 17:42
Europe lalt 
The better question is, wth NiP did to deserve go +8 😂
2019-02-19 17:43
idk but they were 14 earlier which was way too low. They should be around 7 maybe?
2019-02-19 17:45
Europe lalt 
I don't have an opinion on where they should be. But something is fucked up in algorithm when you get more points than teams who got better results from same tournament, lol. I can only imagine that they gained huge amount of points from "recent matches" aka online form. Which kind of highlights that online results have still too high impact on rankings.
2019-02-19 17:51
yeah this ranking system is really confusing. But maybe it will be more accurate after the major
2019-02-19 17:55
And why is Faze playing like CRAP?
2019-02-19 17:44
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