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Dupreeh :(
I cant even know how much pain he hás RiGhT now .. Losing a father must be very bad. Hope he stays strong! I do not cheer for ASTRALIS But if they win Just ler dupreeh lift it for his father! :(
2019-02-19 17:52
Bangladesh thug_doctor 
How did his father die?
2019-02-19 17:53
Poland diaball 
2019-02-19 17:55
Bangladesh thug_doctor 
Oh sad. Rip.
2019-02-19 17:57
it was not his father idiota
2019-02-20 19:51
Russia NOD777 
He is real pro I’m sure he will stand strong as long as nedeed
2019-02-19 17:56
2019-02-19 18:37
stay strong Dupreeh
2019-02-19 17:58
Just2EZ | 
Europe 4ENCE 
#staystrongdupreeh :(
2019-02-19 18:50
2019-02-19 18:51
Brutal, savage
2019-02-19 21:30
Sweden Div-\ 
FeelsBadMan :( hope he'll do good at the major.
2019-02-19 18:53
#staystrongdupreeh He will surely give his best now not just for the team, but also for his father "I'm thankful that I could show you my world" :)
2019-02-19 18:53
Norway PeteZz 
It's different losing a family member if they have been terminally ill for a long time, as opposed to if your mom suddently dies in a car crash. You slowly prepare yourself. I imagine Dupreeh being sad of course, but he won't feel any shock effect, and might feel "good", now that his pap can finally rest. And he can honor him, by winning major. (which they won't)
2019-02-19 18:54
+1 my father is going to die soon, and it helps to be prepared for it. Im thinking alot about the day i will get the call, and how it will be afterwards. Ill be sad, but not shocked. Losing someone healthy in a sudden and unexpected way is for sure worse.
2019-02-19 19:00
Norway PeteZz 
True that, brother. I’m sorry for your dad.
2019-02-19 19:14
Im sorry for your father. Hope he gets better
2019-02-19 21:29
Czech Republic Rewask 
I'm sincerely sorry for your loss
2019-02-19 21:30
Germany Fabbsen 
Wünsche dir und deiner Familie viel Glück. Bleib stark. Wish you and your family all the best. Stay strong.
2019-02-19 21:40
Simple | 
Mexico Ch4vez 
Stay strong dawg
2019-02-20 00:55
f0rest | 
Mexico bfish8 
Sorry for your loss and stay strong. Stay stronger for those who can't because they'll need your wisdom.
2019-02-20 02:45
Portugal Antzrede 
2019-02-19 19:05
Czech Republic Rewask 
2019-02-19 21:30
2019-02-19 21:30
Are you sure you wish to report this thread? ok
2019-02-19 21:33
Belgium AKANorth 
What's wrong with this topic? I think I would report you instead.
2019-02-20 01:55
reported for reporting for no reason
2019-02-20 02:48
Sad, but I hate how all his teammates are using his father’s death to say “let’s win this major to honor him.” Typical of them to use someone’s death to talk about the major. Thanks teammates, now i can hate astralis even more :DDD I will cheer for dupreeh though
2019-02-19 21:40
Norway rogueplayer 
+1 this It's a sad situation, don't mix it up with something completely irrelevant. Also there's a big chance that astralis won't even win the major, then what? Even though they mean it in good faith it's all good but still shit to see things like that tbh
2019-02-19 21:44
Yep +1, and every one of dupreeh’s teammates’ tweets (except Magisk) that were sending condolences contained something about “let’s win this major for him.” Like it’s completely irrelevant and they’re using his death to get people to root for them. Sickening in my opinion
2019-02-20 02:10
2019-02-20 02:44
Germany Fabbsen 
Funny that it was the same case in Liquid last year when Tacos father died ;) I don't blame Liquid and even liked it but its a bit twofaced tho
2019-02-20 00:50
Is TACO on Liquid anymore? And i didn’t even root for Liquid then, because they were just choke stars
2019-02-20 02:05
Germany Fabbsen 
Why are you a fan of them now? It hasn't been much time since he left lol. I really liked the old LU but i hope the new one can do more especially in finals
2019-02-20 02:52
Well i’m a fan now because they have really good players and they always get second, so i think they deserve a major now, although the main reason is so they can beat astralis
2019-02-20 02:55
Germany Fabbsen 
I hope they do really well this major and can reach the finals with Astralis. If they wouldn't crumble under the pressure then, it could be a really dope final.
2019-02-20 02:57
+1 that would be a great final
2019-02-20 03:00
I don't think they are using his father as a reason to win, he said in his twitter post hes glad he got to show him his world, and his father was surely very proud of what he has achieved in the game, so if anything is father would want him to win and they are just saying they want to fulfil his wish of his boy winning the major
2019-02-20 01:05
I'm not an Astralis fan. But OF COURSE I wish the very best for Peter and his family. It is a huge loss and pain when a family member dies. Stay strong
2019-02-20 00:53
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
2019-02-20 00:54
Rest in Peace... :( I will cheer for Astralis even stronger! gogo ASTRALIS! <3
2019-02-20 00:56
2019-02-20 01:38
United States CharTiger 
2019-02-20 01:40
Spain elskio 
2019-02-20 01:44
2019-02-20 01:47
Poland 4rtur3k 
dont give a fuck
2019-02-20 01:50
Brazil xpn :) 
feels bad :(
2019-02-20 01:53
Is he going to play the first day of the major?
2019-02-20 02:21
"Safely made it to Katowice this late evening. I’m looking forward to play tomorrow and most of all, to spend time with my amazing teammates and coach. Have a great sleep everyone"
2019-02-20 02:32
Brazil Vitor_IS 
feels bad man 8( Rip.
2019-02-20 02:29
Brazil BlueLighting 
2019-02-20 02:31
RIP, sad for dupreeh... I hope he will lift this trophy for his Dad..
2019-02-20 02:42
United States n0rdie 
im sad :(
2019-02-20 02:48
rip Dadpreeh :(
2019-02-20 02:50
Dosia | 
Brazil frkkZ 
2019-02-20 02:55
AdreN | 
Kazakhstan Aiomie 
My condolences to Peter
2019-02-20 02:57
2019-02-20 02:58
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