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Pick em predictions
kissmyass | 
African Union MyOpinionMatters 
ENCE 3-0 C9 0-3 I mean it doesn't sound that bad right?? Seeding is probably gonna rig the expected 3-0 teams like Astralis after all. EZ4ENCE
2019-02-19 20:39
c9 will win one for sure
2019-02-19 20:41
if they win their round 2 against coL or AVANGAR, or else they're going home
2019-02-19 20:43
but why are u placing c9 instead of CoL
2019-02-19 20:44
zellsis /close
2019-02-19 20:45
He is not bad. Better than Golden at least.
2019-02-19 20:46
Golden best IGL zellsis plays like Slemmy, it's giving me flashbacks
2019-02-19 20:47
sergej | 
Finland santedek 
i guess ence is going 3-1 again + col will go 0-3
2019-02-19 20:41
coL 1-3 hopefully
2019-02-19 20:44
Europe Shingy 
ence 2-3 c9 2-3 or even maybe 3-2 see u late
2019-02-19 20:44
2019-02-19 20:44
3-0 Renegades 0-3 coL Astralis, Liquid, NRG, Navi, Faze, Mibr, BiG
2019-02-19 20:48
BIG 3-0 Renegades advancing
2019-02-19 21:07
ive considered it many times! also thinking about changing nip for big or nip 3-0 and big or renedages advancing
2019-02-19 21:12
If BIG wins 1st round, they will face Liquid (if they win), if RNG wins 1st round, they will face Astralis (if they win). IMO BIG has better chance against Liquid than RNG against Astralis.
2019-02-19 21:16
Good point. Any idea who Navi will meet if they win first? Considering putting them 3-0 and adding NiP/RNG in advancing pool
2019-02-19 23:41
i put NiP 0-3 lol. cya f0rest
2019-02-19 20:57
United Kingdom Dave2303 
I was originally not going to put the best team 3-0 but thinking about it, its probably worth it. Astralis being the number 1 seed will face the worst teams, coL should be easy for a start and then usually there's at least 1 upset so they will probably have another "easy" game to go 2-0. At 2-0 they play bo3's so that helps them even more. They will also definitely not be playing liquid so they should go 3-0. 3-0: Astralis 0-3: coL liquid, mibr, nrg, faze, navi, ence, big
2019-02-19 21:05
-ence +renegades
2019-02-19 21:08
hm faze 3 0 ??/ why not
2019-02-19 23:45
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