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serious questions
Russia autismus 
how many of think that astralis can still keep their dominance and get 3-0 @groupstage?
2019-02-19 22:00
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Almoe 
i think so but liquid will win the major
2019-02-19 22:01
lol no, astralis > liquid
2019-02-19 22:14
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Almoe 
last tourney they played liquid beat them though
2019-02-19 22:15
yeah but majors > every other tournament, pretty sure they'll do great. also, the event liquid won was in NA, so no surprise.. seen as NA teams usually play great on home soil.. like when c9 won their major in NA.
2019-02-19 22:24
suNny | 
Iceland RTXs 
Had a lot of delay and most players got bored, exhausted and lost focus during the delay (Faze is a good example)
2019-02-19 22:45
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Almoe 
also had no noise cancelling as welll right? maybe crowd called out positions, havent checked though
2019-02-19 22:48
Germany GODsuNny 
liquid the onl team that can beat Asstralis
2019-02-19 22:01
pls eng vladimir
2019-02-19 22:02
Europe hltv007 
i don't know for the 3-0 but i am 100000% sure they will win the event
2019-02-19 22:02
faking pickem, i cant device about the 3-0
2019-02-19 22:04
Iceland coolest_user 
astralis 0-3, dupreeh's dad = loss
2019-02-19 22:05
Canada top_zozzle 
2019-02-19 22:14
shox | 
Romania frosty0 
i don't know how it will play out.. but i know 100% that astralis won't win the major.
2019-02-19 22:08
DeadFox | 
Hungary nt_1 
nt flamie
2019-02-19 22:08
United States Trump2020KAG 
Device mag and dup are really good players. They don’t need smoke bugs to be good.
2019-02-19 22:09
depends on the 2nd phase matches, i think they can lose one of the matches but probably not more than that
2019-02-19 22:10
Astralis almost never go through 3-0 doesnt matter how good they are but they should be fine since it is a bo3 to decide it at the end
2019-02-19 22:12
Switzerland Tang1 
Honestly i hardly see them going out, they can be upset tho depending on the matchups, but with this seeding system it's even more easy for them so 75% sure.
2019-02-19 22:16
India pongaman1 
U asking or telling
2019-02-19 22:43
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