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Russians in MM
Poland camarpl 
Is there any way to get rid of russians/ukrainians in MM?
2019-02-20 01:01
2019-02-20 01:02
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
2019-02-20 01:02
move to EU
2019-02-20 01:02
Russia slyfoxxdd 
Is there any way to get rid of poles in MM?
2019-02-20 01:02
+1 polaks are dogshit af
2019-02-20 01:15
Algeria RunGo 
british players and poles are also toxic asf
2019-02-20 01:07
France TheArchitect 
Don't forget the turks. Picture yourself at midnight, soloqueuing on MM, you say hello to everybody on first round and 3 turks directly insults you in a language non understandable for civilized people, you fail one shot on pistol round and the 4th player, a Russian, decide to go afk +left after screaming at you for 1 entire minute
2019-02-20 01:47
Algeria RunGo 
and its not only mm u can find them on faceit and esea aswell
2019-02-20 01:49
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
Daily EU mm is bs thread. I'm lucky that I don't have to play with you guys, seems to be hell.
2019-02-20 01:05
Brazil user2740 
play with me men very nice)))
2019-02-20 01:34
Portugal Fenr1z 
Man i've played with nice russians but dude at least 80 % of russians on csgo are retards , speaking their own language don't respect the other people and when u try to explain to them that u don't understand their language and it would be cool if they speak english they start making fun of you. Its like they are retarded or smth
2019-02-20 01:07
Russia slyfoxxdd 
Unfortunately it's true, but not all
2019-02-20 01:12
France LanaRhoades 
Of course not all , but it's not really their fault , it's russian government fault if they don't learn english
2019-02-20 01:19
teaching english and learning english are not the same
2019-02-20 01:21
France LanaRhoades 
At school
2019-02-20 01:24
still, my point is u cant force someone to do something. although the percentage of the english speakers in that country d skyrocket
2019-02-20 01:27
Portugal Fenr1z 
Off course there are retards in all countrys , not only russian and ukraine people. I hate spanish people , toxic asf they are really toxic even Portuguese people are toxic asf
2019-02-20 01:20
Finland Jodecast 
mm picker
2019-02-20 01:07
that program only changes ur max ping search, yhou can do that urself in the console
2019-02-20 01:28
be nice to them and they'll be nice back
2019-02-20 01:10
sounds good. doesnt work.
2019-02-20 01:22
Iceland coolest_user 
???? who plays mm in 2019 xaxax
2019-02-20 01:20
russians in faceit too
2019-02-20 01:22
Brits are the most toxic
2019-02-20 01:23
every brit I meet is like smooya, except they're dogshit at the game
2019-02-20 01:52
Smooya is also dogshit at the game compared to other pros
2019-02-20 05:52
same in faceit
2019-02-20 01:32
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
I will back in cs go after this
2019-02-20 01:43
it says it will be only a test
2019-02-20 01:54
Turks, polaks and uk are the worst...
2019-02-20 06:04
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