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ence are not going to champions stage!!!11!
Thorin | 
United Kingdom aveepy 
jesus christ im literally so triggered by all the fanboys wasting a pick for ence, especially over NAVI (omegalul), renegades etc. srsly wtf, they had easy route, AND still lost to renegades 2-0, these guys are not making it to champions stage, im sorry see you later
2019-02-20 01:20
I think they will make it but surely ousted in the quarterfinals
2019-02-20 01:21
what if ence get all the easy teams on the downfall
2019-02-20 03:11
i dont believe in ence's ability to clutch it out if they do make the champs stage, the only 3teams less experienced then them are avangar, vitality, and renegades
2019-02-20 04:52
dephh | 
United Kingdom Leechy 
NBK, apEX and RpK have so much experience tho
2019-02-20 05:09
lets be real the entirety of vitality is zywoo
2019-02-20 05:13
dephh | 
United Kingdom Leechy 
yeah but in theory lots of experience translates onto younger players most of the time
2019-02-20 05:19
what are u trying to get at? do u think vitality even have a chance of making the semis?
2019-02-20 05:20
dephh | 
United Kingdom Leechy 
no im saying they arent less experienced than ence by any stretch
2019-02-20 05:26
I have doodoo in my pants
2019-02-20 01:21
2019-02-20 01:22
Quality hltv comments
2019-02-20 01:26
DaZeD | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
names check out also same
2019-02-20 02:51
Iceland coolest_user 
xaxaxaxax bro ence are so bad !!1!11! 🥴🥴🥴 they are not even top 200... lik omegalol sergej cant even aim men he got lucky shots in 1v3...
2019-02-20 01:22
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
2019-02-20 01:22
taku your dirty words back u cheeky cunt or i'll bash er head right in m8
2019-02-20 01:22
Iceland coolest_user 
they only do knife only
2019-02-20 01:30
United States kearCS 
>triggered -flair checks out Agree that ENCE won't make it to champion stage.
2019-02-20 01:27
cuz u know better than pro teams who rank them 8, obviously they might not make it yes, there are many teams competing for spots anyway but just as obviously they got their chances if they perform well.
2019-02-20 01:32
Pro teams ranked fnatic 1st and look what happened to them
2019-02-20 02:53
Yes as said ofc they can not make it much like fnatic didn't make it, but also it is easy to say fnatic massively underperformed and looked horrible compared to what was reasonable to expect. actually I also don't even have ence in my pickem either, however I do not get why'd u get so triggered over someone picking them, seems totally reasonable option like many others...
2019-02-20 03:06
Yeah I don't get that either, I much rather like seeing people go for other teams than what I go for, although I also like seeing people get pissed off and angry for no reason. This is literally the same thing as every other team ever that ever had a following; SK/Luminosity/Mibr: Brazillian fangays, omg Astralis: Omg so boring Fnatic: Omg hackers, omg so annoying Liquid: Lmao NA, nevers wins anything lol Renegades: Australian CS, omegalul Now Ence: Omg fucking kids saying EZ4ENCE, meme team ffs There's plenty more and it's almost like no one realizes they're really just a rehash of the last decade of cs viewership
2019-02-20 04:10
2019-02-20 02:47
Europe pencilvester 
2019-02-20 03:12
United States n0rdie 
i think that there are 6 must picks (astralis liquid navi mibr nrg faze) and out of the other teams ence big and renegades are the most likely. big has been real good lately and they just got some new firepower, and i think that ence is more consistant then renegades, and ence is aware of the issues they had in the challengers stage and had 4 days or so to fix it. ence wont get past quarters tho unless they face big then they have 30% chance
2019-02-20 02:53
Canada Surzz 
cause navi has been disorganized all of 2018. ence has been looking sharp haha
2019-02-20 02:58
It's my | 
Brazil L2fe 
Good joke well see
2019-02-20 03:27
im copying this link
2019-02-20 03:30
Finland Smoonah 
saving link for later
2019-02-20 04:11
Ence #9 & Mibr #11 people think Mibr have a chance, but they will never win. Ez 4 GOD ALLU!
2019-02-20 04:16
Ence will probably beat Renegades, RNG came VERY prepared for Nuke and I don't think Ence were expecting such a sweep. After that Inferno was pretty 50/50 and they couldn't close it out. This will be a VERY close game, both teams will look into each other in depth, at this point it's just play your own game.
2019-02-20 05:07
Thorin | 
United Kingdom aveepy 
2019-02-20 14:31
Europe Cirro 
2019-03-02 19:35
Europe Cirro 
hahahahahaha sup dude
2019-03-02 19:34
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